Potty Like a Rockstar!

Screen Shot 2013-09-12 at 4.39.02 PMHey Ya’ll,

I was recently contacted by the friendly folks over at Royal Restrooms–you heard me, restrooms! They specialize in renting luxury port-a-pottys for events and wanted to feature my tips for How to Throw a Green Wedding on their blog.

Screen Shot 2013-09-12 at 4.39.30 PMI of course, said yes, because I’m all for a service that let’s people potty like a rockstar! Let’s face it, there’s nothing more frustrating than being at a party with food and drinks galore but no bathrooms in sight. For this reason, and I’m sure my new friends at Royal Restrooms will agree, making sure there are plenty of clean, well-stocked restrooms in good working condition should be one of your biggest priorities when planning an event. The general rule of thumb is one restroom for every 50 guests for a three hour event. Even if your party is small, I recommend having at least two restrooms. That way, you have a back-up if anything malfunctions. A clogged commode will cause much undue stress and can potentially ruin your entire event.

Screen Shot 2013-09-12 at 4.40.02 PMYou can read my guest post on their blog, HERE, and learn more about their eco-friendly yet luxurious portable restroom trailers, HERE.

Cute Ideas for Your St. Patrick’s Day Party

st-patricks-day-irelandHey Ya’ll,

St. Patrick’s Day is this Sunday (March 17, 2013), so today I’m highlighting a few cute ideas I’ve come across for food, favors, decorations and drinks, sure to liven up your St. Patty’s Day celebrations.

48832bb7426a269d58179da4c03af438This cute DIY wreath by Sugar Bee Crafts is a great way to great your guests and get the party started! Click HERE for the full tutorial.

09abf750c19445d0a5eb17c5ee4b23f2Another great DIY decor item is this fantastic shamrock garland, made simply by folding two different shades of green streamers and tracing a shamrock stencil on top. Next, you cut that shape out of each streamer. Click HERE for the full tutorial from Studio DIY.
Once they’re unfolded, affix the garlands to your walls or hang from your lighting fixtures or over your mantle to add the perfect pop of green to your party space.

53e1887b7adc28790e8e2e3f1802690eNext, focus on adding fun pops of green to your party food–but try not to over do it with the green food coloring. Not everything looks appetizing in green! Here are some cute ideas to get you started:

278a47ee42ed4b53a741ef86094a1b9851001ba2c4d58ad84b6c1ac5e3b22883534435d2e62c3b1bcb12c03f46da1144da625b4b414b787752ecc7c661e4ff6d75ff40fa57c5218495a62a6c65a7b776Don’t forget, you can always add in some rainbow and pot-o-gold inspired foods too:


bc09f40f87e76d19ae141f30fad36d2beddb4651b08a3f03380d20e650da0729For drinks, stick to Guinness, green beer (add a few drops of green food-coloring) or apple martinis…

967edb45872be1dc4a3ff06e6e92394e51f6696b891511e957e41594dac79a75Use green sugar or sprinkles on the rim of your glasses for a nice finishing touch!

Do you celebrate St. Patrick’s Day? Let me know what your plans are in the comment section below. If you have any great St. Patty’s Day party tips or recipes, feel free to share them there as well.

Whimsical Red, White, and Green Holiday Decor!

Hey Ya’ll,

Since so many people like to break out the holiday decorations the minute the Thanksgiving leftovers are devoured, I put together a few holiday decor guides to help you find everything you need to create a cohesive look for your home and tree!

In my first holiday decor post it was all about Gold and Silver, but today, I’m going with a classic red, white and green color scheme. To help you shop, I pulled decor items from a variety of stores at various price-points so that you can create a whimsical red, white and green look at home and still have money left for gifts!

Whimsical Red, Green and White

Felt Garland

Secondhand Doesn’t Mean Second Best: My Tips Featured by WeTV.com!

Hey Ya’ll,

Do you LOVE to shop at thrift stores? Would you ever consider buying a secondhand wedding dress either online or in a store? I recently spoke with WeTV.com about this very topic, and while there are a few things to be weary of when buying secondhand, overall, I think it’s a great way to save money and be environmentally friendly on your wedding day.

Click HERE to read the entire article, which explains the benefits of buying your wedding dress secondhand and all of the things you should keep in mind while you’re shopping.

There are a lot of reputable websites dedicated to selling pre-owned (sometimes the dress was never even worn!) wedding gowns. If you’re buying your secondhand dress online, my biggest tip to keep in mind is as follows: Unless you are able to go to a local store and try on the same dress or another dress by the same designer in person, look for dresses that are slightly larger in size than you’d normally wear.

Why? First off, wedding gowns tend to run smaller in size than other types of dresses/clothing that you’re used to buying. Second, having a dress let out or having to add fabric for length is difficult and costly. On the other hand, taking a dress in is pretty easy, and with all of the money you’re saving by purchasing a secondhand gown, spending a little dough to make sure it fits you perfectly is well worth it.

Friday Favorites: Wisteria Lane Floral Design Studio – Enter to Win a $200 Centerpiece Delivered to Your Doorstep!

Hey Ya’ll,

As an Eco-concious event planner, I am always trying to make our events as green as possible. One way that I like to do this is by using floral arrangements and plants that are not only beautiful, but also locally sourced, organically grown and Eco-friendly.

For these reasons, the folks at the Wisteria Lane Floral Design Studio in Beverly Hills, California are some of my absolute favorite florists to work with. And as today’s Friday Favorite, they’re graciously giving away a centerpiece to be delivered, free of charge, to one lucky reader!

GIVEAWAY ALERT: Head to the bottom of this post to enter to WIN a gorgeous centerpiece from Wisteria Lane!

At Wisteria Lane, owner Sherene Hulugalle, creates stunning arrangements using flowers that are grown locally and have been certified as either Organic, or Veriflora products. Sherene’s ultimate goal is to protect the environment and improve farm worker safety by eliminating millions of pounds of toxic pesticides from agricultural usage.

Each one of Sherene’s creations is a shining example of how you can do your part to help keep our planet healthy and create a stunning event all at the same time.

For Eco-conscious brides, Wisteria Lane floral arrangements not only add style and beauty to your wedding, they also offer peace of mind because you’ll know that the farmers and earth were treated with respect, which makes your day extra special.

Wisteria Lane floral arrangements create a sense of beauty and add an air of sophistication or relaxed charm to any special event. This is because Wisteria Lane’s designers are skilled at creating a signature look that uses nature’s gorgeous resources to the fullest effect.

Plus, proceeds from the sale of Wisteria Lane’s Eco friendly designs are used to support non-profit organizations dedicated to education, social justice, environmental conservation and protection.

Okay, it’s giveaway time! You must follow each of the steps below, in order to WIN a gorgeous centerpiece that will be delivered to you, free of charge, from Wisteria Lane!


STEP 1: ‘LIKE’ the Wisteria Lane on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/WisteriaLaneFlowerShop. You’ll LOVE their flower photos and only fans will be eligible to win!

STEP 2: Let us know WHY you would like to win either an organic floral arrangement or a succulent planter that can double as a living centerpiece (both valued at over $200) in the comment section below!

***This giveaway is open to everyone, but the centerpiece will only be delivered within the Los Angeles area. In order to receive the centerpiece yourself, you must live locally. Otherwise, if you know someone who lives in the Los Angeles area, you can enter to WIN a FREE Eco-friendly centerpiece to be delivered to them on your behalf.***

Again, everything in the winning centerpiece will be locally sourced, Eco-friendly and organic, so you can enjoy it knowing that you’re supporting a healthy planet. Check back *Friday, August 31, at 9AM PST* to find out if you’re our lucky winner. Good luck!

Wisteria Lane Floral Design Studio
489 South Robertson Blvd.
Suite 200, Beverly Hills CA 90211
Phone: 888-345-6101
Tweet them at: @ecoflowers
Visit them at: https://www.facebook.com/WisteriaLaneFlowerShop

March Wedding Series: Eco-Friendly and Fun Favors!

Hey Ya’ll,

If you check my blog regularly, then you already know that I am a big proponent of cutting back on waste when it comes to throwing a party and that goes for weddings, too!

With that said, one of the easiest ways to do this is by using your wedding favors to assist your guests in finding their seat at your reception. There are many creative ways your favors can pull double-duty as table-markers or seat assignment cards, but as you can see, my favorite way is by using involves succulents!

Technically, these could work as your seating/table markers, favors and your centerpieces, if you’re really looking to create less waste or you’re on a tight budget. Don’t forget to dress your plant up a bit by adding colorful and patterned paper, tissue, fabric, string or ribbons!

Another fun way to ensure that your favors don’t end up in the trash is to give people something they might actually want… say, Ray Bans?
… Or maybe a yummy honey, jam or preserve in a cute jar!

via StyleMePretty.com

I also really like the idea of using old keys attached to ribbons:

If none of these ideas strike your fancy, I found an excellent post (photos above) on GIVER’SLOG that features 50+ handmade wedding favor ideas: http://bit.ly/w9IFwV

When in doubt, go with classic sparklers for a spring or summer wedding. If nothing else, they make for some gorgeous photos!

Via WeddingPhotography.org

Let me know what you’re favorite wedding favor idea is int he comment section below.

How to Throw a ‘Green’ Super Bowl Party!

Hey Ya’ll,

Since many of you will be hosting parties for the big game on Sunday, I thought that today I’d share a few easy ways to make your Super Bowl XLVI bash all about the THREE R’s: REDUCE, RECYCLE and REUSE! (And the Three F’s too: football, food, and friends, of course.)

Image source: foodnetwork.com

1) Food is always a big part of any party or event, so use your menu to put an Eco-friendly touch on your Super Bowl party by purchasing pesticide free produce and organic meats and vegetables. Stick to a “100 Mile” diet, which means you’re buying locally as opposed to globally, this cuts down on your carbon footprint and also helps boost the local economy. For example, instead of ordering greasy delivery items, put a healthy, Eco-friendly spin on your menu simply by making it at home! Try your hand at Alton Brown’s homemade buffalo wings recipe via Food Network paired with locally grown vegetables and dipping sauces galore!

2) There is always a ton of waste and trash after an event or party, especially one like the Super Bowl where guests will most likely be drinking out of disposable bottles and cans. Do your best to cut back on your parties waste by disposing of recyclable materials correctly and composting any biodegradable items. This way, anything that ends up in your garbage will be delivered to the correct waste facilities. Although, if you want to be really green, skip the beer cans and bottles all together by opting for reusable glassware and a good old fashioned keg! Bonus tip: Dip your glassware (mugs or high-ball glasses) in water and store them in your freezer for frosty cold beers on game day!
3) My favorite parties always seem to be themed, so for your Super Bowl party try to think of a fun theme for your decorations! A great place to start is with your favorite teams’ colors! Then, use things around the house as decor to start with and then add to that. Use your kids’ footballs or borrow from a neighbor rather than just buying them for one time use. If you do buy them only for the party, donate them to a children’s charity afterwards. The same thing goes for any team jerseys, pennants, or other items you buy to use as decor for this one time event. It is unlikely that the same two teams will play each other next year, so donate anything and everything you can. I am a fan of using real decor items rather than those cheap paper cut-outs that are sold at most party stores. Real items may cost a little more, but they can be reused more often than not and therefore don’t end up in the trash. Here are a couple more real/reusable decor ideas:

Football Field Reusable Tablecloth from Sears.com

DIY Super Bowl roman numerals: Order letters from Etsy.com and get creative! Cover the letter in your team's colors or glue fake moss all over it for an astroturf effect!

More roman numeral inspiration...

4) During a party, guests will use a large amount of glasses, plates and napkins, so rather than using paper plates and napkins and plastic cups, contact a local rental company and rent real plates, silverware, cloth napkins and glasses for your guests to use. The great thing about this is that you can return them and they literally do the dishes for you! Or if you entertain a lot like I do, invest in a set of plates, silverware, glassware and napkins for 16 people so that you reduce your party trash by reusing this set anytime you’re entertaining (try IKEA for affordable yet chic dishware you can buy in bulk).
5) If you are really trying to be Eco-friendly, there are websites like www.carbonfootprint.com or www.nature.org/greenliving/carboncalculator/index.htm where you can calculate your carbon footprint and then go to a site like www.carbonfund.org or www.terrapass.com and purchase carbon credits to offset the carbon that you have used to throw your party.

Let me know if you decide to try any of these tips for your Super Bowl XLVI party! And be sure to leave any great tips you have for Eco-friendly entertaining in the comment section below. Together, we can all do our part to create experiences that are not only extraordinary for our party guests, but also the planet!