Designing Your Wedding Day? #1 Rule is… There are No Rules

wedding shoes

Hey Y’all,

Springtime wedding season is fast approaching and because every newly engaged couple wants their wedding day to be special, it’s important for them to design it in any way that will make them happy. And since there are only a million different ways to design a wedding, I thought it would be a good idea to mention some of the more important things to think about when it comes to designing a wedding that will perfectly fit a bride and groom’s style.

I simply ask that you keep in mind when reading the tips below that there really are no rules that are set in stone when it comes to designing your wedding day. In fact, I think the most important thing for couples to remember is to have fun. It is your wedding day after all!

Tip #1: Be Unique, or Not! Don’t feel pressured to follow trends, and instead go with what makes you happy and represents who you are as a couple. If there’s currently a trend that really speaks to you, then be sure that you explore it further as it could be exactly what you’ve been looking for, or could spark a new idea. And thinking outside the box is always a good idea so you can put your own unique spin on it.

Be sure to check back in as I post a new tip each day this week from my interview on Bridal Bar Radio!

– Brian

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