Relationships and Love are Overrated: My Tips on Throwing a Singles Party!


Hey Ya’ll,

Were you one of the 124 million people currently living in the US who didn’t spend Valentine’s Day with a significant other? As you can see, you’re definitely not alone! Instead of feeling left out when a holiday hits, why not look into throwing your own Singles Party? All you have to do is call up all of your single friends and invite them over so you can all enjoy a party that focuses on the joys of being single. Even though you haven’t found ‘the one’ yet, you can still have fun partying on holidays with all of your single friends.

And just think about all of the money you’ll save by not buying the customary roses and candy, or expensive candlelit dinners. No longer do you have to feel left out of this traditional couples holiday because you happen to be single at this particular time. Instead, you can always choose to throw a Valentine’s Day Singles Party that rocks and know that it doesn’t have to be a Valentine’s Day Singles Party, as any holiday party will do when it comes to hosting a Singles Party.

Because relationships and love often tend to be so overrated, those who are single are often looking to attend a party that’s exclusively for singles. Be sure to check out the 5 ways that you can throw a Singles Party on Valentine’s Day, or any holiday for that matter, in my post on Cupid’s Pulse, that will make the night one to remember.

Have you ever thrown a fun Singles Party? Let me know in the comments section below.

– Brian

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