Add ‘Something Old’ and ‘Something New’ To Your Wedding With Bellebrations!

582416_10151895635784014_847739987_nHey Ya’ll,

One of the coolest aspects of last week’s Knot Gala came courtesy of Bellebrations, a company that unveiled their one-of-a-kind portable bell chime system at the event.

Traditionally, church bells would be rung as the couple walked down the aisle together or came out of the church. There’s also a long-standing belief that the ringing of bells brings luck and fortune to newlyweds. I love how Bellebrations is taking something old and making it new!


The Bellebrations bell is the first and only of its kind in the United States. Modern music as well as traditional bell music can be programmed to play. And just to make the service a little sweeter, the bells are easy to transport and eco friendly! They are played via a compressed air system. No electricity or generator is required to operate them.

1382294_10151898218909014_1419450461_nHow do you feel about using wedding bells at your ceremony? I think it’s a fun way to add a little old world charm to a modern day wedding!

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