My Knot Chat Re-Cap!

Screen shot 2013-10-10 at 5.31.07 PMHey Ya’ll,

I’m running around NYC right now, making all of the final preparations for the quickly approaching Knot Gala. I just wanted to post another thank you to all of the brides who stopped by The Knot ‘Just Engaged’ community chat and The Knot’s Facebook page for my Q & A on Wednesday.

Here are a few great questions along with my answers from the chat, just in case you missed it:

Q: I am having our reception in a gym… I need big design ideas to help distract the fact that you are in a gym! We have a country/shabby chic theme!

My Answer: Wow a gym, that is a tough one, but I understand the draw as it is a big space! If you have the resources to drape out the gym, that is a a great initial way to transform the space! Filling up a space with a lot of tables and using tall centerpieces will also help direct your guests eyes toward the decor rather than the surrounding environment!

Q: I’m getting married under a gazebo, what, if anything, should I add to decorate the gazebo?

My Answer: I would suggest coming up with a theme or color for the wedding and from there build upon that.  That gazebo is also HUGE, so you don’t want the decor to detract from you as the bride.  Less is often more!  I would hang some sheer drape around to create some drama and tie that back, add some florals to the pillars and be done with it!  You and your groom are the centerpiece of the wedding and of course you want to make sure that the pictures are amazing, but don’t overwhelm your budget with too much!  I also think that it is nice to add streamers of ribbons that can blow in the the wind! 

Q: At what point in the ceremony should the unity candle be lit?

My Answer: The unity candle should be lit after your vows are done and you have said “I DO!”

Q: I’m getting married in Texas and I want to do my own flowers. What do you suggest?

My Answer: As a fellow Texan, first, get married when it is not hot and humid!  As for your flowers, when to buy them and start arranging them, I find that flowers are temperamental so give yourself plenty of time to get them done and I like to do arrange them on site so that you don’t have to transport them.  Order in advance from the floral mart, especially if you want something specific and put them in the fridge if you can to keep them cold and fresh!  Have fun with your flowers and try to be creative, but also pull in some help if you are planning to do them yourself so that you have plenty of time to also be a bride!  Good luck!

Q: I would like to reuse some decorations from the church at the venue. Is it normal to ask the florist to wait around during the ceremony and then bring them over to the 2nd location?

My Answer: It is normal to ask that request! I think that it is totally acceptable to do that, but sometimes the church will ask if they can keep them as well. You just have to figure out where you want to reuse them, but go for it. You are spending the money, just make sure to have someone take them for you. Be GREEN and reuse, I am a total fan!

Q: Looking for cute centerpieces for a beach wedding that is affordable? Ideas?

My Answer: Take a look at my website under the gallery, there is a beach wedding that literally is one of my all time favorites! It was a last minute mix of stuff that we pulled together and was stunning. We used succulents that we bought as Costco and added shells, coral, flowers, candles and just build on the basic potted plan and created what I think was one of my my favorites!

Q: I’m engaged but we’re not getting married for another 2 years to save money for the wedding. How early is too early to start booking things?

My Answer: I understand your wedding is two years away, but you can never start looking for venues too soon, especially if you are looking in an area that is very popular and limited on locations.  At least start looking now, you can always change your mind, but you will get an idea of costs as well.  Venues can be pricey these days, especially if it is a popular one.  I would also not put a deposit too early that you might not get back, but put a hold on the space and have them let you know if someone wants to challenge that hold as it gets close.

Q: My venue is pretty much a blank slate, so where do I begin in terms of decor?

My Answer: I always design a wedding using what is existing and build from there, but for your venue , the hardwood floors are great and the drapes are very neutral.  If you love purple, I recently designed a wedding that was both purple and navy blue and it was a great compromise.  Once you add lighting, you can really transform the space.  I like to think of color as electricity, so use that as a foundation.  Find some unique vases for the flowers, lots of candles and it will be stunning!

My biggest piece of advice for brides? Just to have fun! The day goes by so quickly, just enjoy the process and have a BLAST. Have a fantastic weekend, everyone!

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