My Favorite Tent Design Yet (Again!) for the 2013 Teen Choice Awards

Unknown-2Hey Ya’ll,

For the last five years, one of my favorite events to design is the tent for the Teen Choice Awards.

photo[5]The design is always dictated by the surfboards that are awarded by the teens to the winners. Since the theme for the surfboards changes from year to year, my tent design does too!

photo[6]During the event, I kept trying to think of an award show from when I was the age of the teens and celebrities involved… and I honestly could not think of anything that would be the equivalent of this show.


Other than getting slimed at the Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards, but I guess that shows how old I am.

photo[3]It’s fun to see what teens are interested in at the show every year, as well as the current fashion trends. I managed to spot a couple celebs on the carpet… can you name either one?

Screen Shot 2013-08-13 at 4.52.52 PM

Some of the biggest stars of the night had to be the popular boy band, One Direction.

photo[9] I spotted them (above) on the red carpet from behind and got to check out their performance during the show.

photoCheck out this clip I shot during the show:

photo[7]In terms of how the tent turned out, this may be one of my favorite Teen Choice Awards to date but then again, I say that every year!

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