Welcome Guests to Your Wedding in Style with Personalized Goodie Bags!

Photo by Meghan Christine Photography - Visit emmalinebride.com

Photo by Meghan Christine Photography – Visit emmalinebride.com

Hey Ya’ll,

If you want to throw a wedding that will keep your guests talking long after you say “I DO”, there’s no better way than to kick things off with a “Welcome to our Wedding” goodie bag. I’ve put together a few essentials that should find their way into the bag, bucket, or tote, as well as a few that are just too fun not to include!

 Visit shop.weddingchicks.com

Visit shop.weddingchicks.com

1) The Container… this is an essential part of the goodie bag, so find something that relates to the overall feel of your wedding.

Screen Shot 2013-08-08 at 4.32.47 PMIt’s also important to consider something that is easy to travel with and can be packed away for a return trip home, since the majority of goodie bags are given to your out-of-town guests. Try to give them something that they will actually re-use, rather than finding your hard work and money left in the trash can.

Visit mydayeventplanning.com

Visit mydayeventplanning.com

2) Schedule of Events… though you most likely have created a website or even sent an itinerary to your guests with all the exciting events you have planned for your wedding weekend, more than likely, they will have forgotten it or will be having so much fun that they never log onto their computer, so include an easy timeline that can act as a back-up to all the rest of the information you previously sent.

ddba1cc0581c2cfb2c10ef44797af862This little piece of help should also include a few fun things to do during downtime, as well as a map.  You do not want your guests to get lost and miss a single minute of the exciting festivities you have worked tirelessly to organize over the last few months.

bc82349a5851afb9f413d17a3e938bf03) Beverage and Snack…Your family and friends are attending your wedding to celebrate, so why not help by getting the party started as soon as they arrive.  Throw in one of those plane-sized beverages or maybe a bottle of wine and some sort of snack that is unique and local to where you have decided to get married.

1a45d4adc255c7775e7d14c14175d5d5The image above depicts a great “Brooklyn” themed welcome bag. I once did a wedding in Texas and we included “Texas Tea” and chocolate pralines that gave the goodie bag a down home feel.  Whatever you choose, everyone appreciates a tasty treat and something to drink.

Visit weddingpartyapp.com

Visit weddingpartyapp.com

4) Recovery Kit… a common parting gift from a good wedding is a hangover the next morning!

7e14a49eff5ebf42e4dc6c35cae12819Be sure to include a BIG bottle of water, some aspirin or anything else the doctor would prescribe for a speedy recovery.

Visit weddingpartyblog.com

Visit weddingpartyblog.com

5) A little THANK YOU… pamper your guests with some bath salts, a candle, or one of your favorite local products like honey from the bee hive down the street! This is a great way to say thank you for helping us celebrate our big day.  It doesn’t have to be anything too expensive that will break the bank, but a nice gesture for sure.

Screen Shot 2013-08-08 at 3.33.37 PMThe Knot has an entire Goodie Bag Store where you can personalize anything and everything as well if you like one-stop-shopping! Check it out: HERE.

Visit etsy.com

Visit etsy.com

Do you have any favorite goodie bag items that you have received at a wedding or items that you have included for your guests in the past that you consider a MUST HAVE?  Let me know by leaving a comment below.

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