How to Throw a Super Cool, Super Hero Themed Birthday Party

Hey Yall, In honor of the NEW Superman movie “Man of Steel” coming out today, I’m re-posting my Superhero party blog. I hope you go see the film over the weekend, but even if you don’t, you’ll still enjoy looking at these cute kids dressed as their favorite superheros! Up, up, and away! -Brian

Extraordinary Experiences

Hey Ya’ll,

Over the last fourteen years of my career, I’ve had a pretty successful go at designing and producing events for a growing list of big clients and A-list celebrities…

However, after seeing what my sister put together for my nephew’s 6th birthday party, I’m being forced to admit that there may be more than one event producer extraordinaire in my family!

I’ve really got to hand it to her, Cari gave me a run for my money with her ULTIMATESuper Friends Action Hero birthday party design.

First off, she totally nailed it in terms of selecting an age-appropriate theme. Then, she sent out invitations that created an exciting storyline for the party: “The villainous Mr. Freeze has stolen everything cold, and because it is HOT and HUMID in Texas, all the Super Friends gathered to combat his evil plot!”

Each one of my nephew’s friends was assigned…

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