Engage! 13 Re-Cap

Screen Shot 2013-06-03 at 12.21.28 PMHey Ya’ll,

Engage! 13 in Ashville, North Carolina just wrapped and I have to say it ranks as one of the most fun times I have ever had.  The location of the Biltmore Estate could not have been a more picturesque and ideal location for a luxury wedding summit and this was by far, LUXURY!
photo[7]The wedding summit took place from Sunday to Wednesday morning and was made up of speeches from top industry professionals like my friend Ceci Johnson who I have featured many times on my blog who does incredible invitations among other things, my friend Marcy Blum, who is a both hilarious and an incredible wedding planner out of NYC, just to name a few.
9407_10151629098258812_1726885421_nYou can also go to the Engage! 13 website for a list of speakers and of course the list for the next Engage! event, http://www.engage13.com, which takes place in Scotsdale, AZ at the Montelucia.  If you are a wedding planner, photographer, or somehow involved in the wedding industry this is the premiere event to attend.

226703_10151629099298812_1234178545_nFor a group of people in the event industry, we are treated like royalty, there are incredible gift bags and branded goodies showered upon us the entire time. It is almost like you are having a birthday for four days.

Many of the goodies were provided by www.giftsforthegoodlife.com and http://www.karentran.com/

Many of the goodies were provided by http://www.giftsforthegoodlife.com.

photo[9] photo[4]I got a bow tie (above) in my welcome bag and decided to try my hand at tying it for the second evening event which is a dine around where the guests are each assigned a different speaker to dine with which is an incredible opportunity for more networking and more personalized conversation.

936670_10151629098513812_1046932796_nEach evening there is a party that are all about networking, socializing and making new friends.  The final night party was the party to end all parties…

389353_10151629098473812_1955603600_nphoto[14]Karen Tran who did the flowers on Shedding for the Wedding created a Gatsbyesque party full of lush flowers that would blow any bride away.

photo[12]Of course, the setting, a tent next to the historic Vanderbilt mansion was not too shabby a location for a spectacular evening.

photo[13]My friend Josh Friedman from Elan Artist (he also provided the incredible band for my birthday party back in September!) put together an evening of the best talent including burlesque dancers, cigarette girls, singers and a woman who pretty much stripped to not much and powdered herself with a giant powder puff!

gatsbyEveryone, well mostly the women, were dressed for the theme and if you take a look at my pictures you can see that they were spot on with their decor inspired costumes.  Then, to top off an already extraordinary night, there were fireworks…

Cheers! To the two hostesses with the mostest (below) who organized this incredible experience Kathryn Arce and Rebecca Grinnals of www.engagingconcepts.com.

photo[4]I had such an incredible time, I am back home now and require some much needed sleep after staying up until 3am Sunday night, 2am Monday night, and 4:30am on Tuesday evening after the party just enjoying the opportunity to get to know people who are competitors and now we are colleagues and friends. So many great memories made.

9 thoughts on “Engage! 13 Re-Cap

  1. Yes, Engage just gets more and more engaging and less and less restful
    You are so damn handsome and smart, nobody could resist hanging out with you till all hours of the morning ( and for your tutorials as well of course)

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