4 Creative Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day

Image via glamor.com

Image via glamor.com

Hey Ya’ll,

Since I am neither a chef, nor a bartender, and I’d like to include ideas for both singles and couples, today I’m offering up four creative ways you can celebrate this Valentine’s Day!

Image via ttp://www.hp.com

Image via ttp://www.hp.com

1) Plan a scavenger hunt that takes you around town to a few of your favorite places. Start at a bar where you may have met or had your first date and have a drink there. Then, give a clue for a restaurant where you love one of their appetizers and go there for apps. Next, hop in the car with a new clue that takes you to another favorite restaurant for dinner. The last clue can lead you back home or even to Yogurtland (which you can get to go). End the night with dessert and having toured a few of your favorites spots around town and fitting them into one fun-filled evening.

Image via whiskergraphics.com

Image via whiskergraphics.com

2) Make a memory bag of goodies! Maybe you met at Barney’s (or any establishment) while shopping, you could take a Barney’s shopping bag, cover it with hearts and fill it with things that remind you of your relationship. Maybe your first date was at a Chinese restaurant, simply get a bag of fortune cookies and put a red bow on each one, then open them together to see what your future holds. You could also purchase the first movie on DVD that you watched together and wrap that up in pink or red paper. If your favorite flavor is vanilla, add a vanilla scented candle. Pull ideas from experiences that you have had together and find creative ways to incorporate them into the gift. At the bottom of the bag or basket, have one final gift that is an envelope for two nights away together or maybe a piece of jewelry. This way, the bag is filled with memories from the past and ends with a gift for a memory for the future.

Image via ktjeandesigns.wordpress.com

Image via ktjeandesigns.wordpress.com

3) Balloon fortune cookies! Plan a night in with a romantic dinner, but rather than filling the house with roses which cost triple the price on Valentine’s Day, fill the house will helium balloons filled with kind words in the form of handwritten love notes. Throughout the night, pop the balloons and create a scrap book with the messages of LOVE!

Screen Shot 2013-02-11 at 6.00.31 PM4) Recreate your first date! Turn your dining room into the pizza parlor where you had your first date or the Chinese restaurant, etc. Re-create the meal or even order from the first date restaurant and have a romantic dinner at home. If you can, try to make the meal interactive. If you can cook it together or feed each other, you are one step closer to ending the night cuddled up in each others arms.

What is your favorite Valentine’s Day memory? Let me know in the comment section below… Only a couple of days left until the big day!

7 thoughts on “4 Creative Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day

  1. These are really sweet. I’m hiding Valentine’s around my boyfriend’s apartment for him to find throughout the day! (sshh!!) 😉

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