Heart-y School Lunch Ideas for Your Littlest Valentines!


Hey Ya’ll,

Do you pack a lunch for your child? Valentine’s Day happens to fall on school day this year (Thursday, Feb. 14), so it’s the perfect opportunity to put a smile on your little sweetheart’s face and keep them feeling special all-day!

Candy box lunch via Katherine Marie Photography

Candy box lunch via Katherine Marie Photography

My favorite idea is pulled from KatherineMaries.com. You’ll need to buy a few of those heart-shaped boxes of chocolates in a couple different sizes. (BONUS: You’ll need to eat all of the chocolates inside ASAP! Or, I guess you could save them or set them out in a candy dish if you have self-control!)

0207a_vdaycountdowncalendarOnce you have your empty box, begin filling each slot with a fun, colorful snack! Some great ideas include: grapes, cheese, peppers, carrots, cucumbers, Jello, fruit snacks, strawberries, crackers, mini-turkey roll-ups, deli meats, cereal, popcorn, blueberries, broccoli, tangerine, raisins, raspberries, pretzels, etc. The smaller chocolate boxes are great for heart-shaped PB&J’s or any other sandwich or pita or even a cold pasta or a mini-salad. Once packed, stack the boxes and tie them together with ribbon! Your kids’ lunch will be the envy of every student in the lunchroom!

Image via Smuckers.ca

Image via Smuckers.ca

Image via yourhomebasedparties.com

Image via yourhomebasedparties.com


Healthy Snacks:

Make any sandwich more special by cutting the crusts off using a heart-shaped cookie cutter. Go one step further and add cupid’s arrow using a red or pink heart-tipped arrow shaped toothpick.


You could also top the sandwich with a treat, by adding a red, heart-shaped gummy candy to the top of a toothpick!

Slice an apple into circular discs, then, using your smallest heart-shaped cookie-cutter, stamp out individual hearts.

Image via wilsonsandpugs.blogspot.com

Image via wilsonsandpugs.blogspot.com

Crackers and cheese can be spiced up with the help of a heart shaped cookie cutter as well! Add salami or pepperoni to really make the heart pop!

Sweet n’ Salty Snacks:

XOXO8Pack a bag of hugs and kisses using pretzels and chocolate. Create the X’s using two pretzel sticks held together with a dot of melted white-chocolate, and the O’s by covering circle shaped pretzels in dark chocolate. Add pink and red sprinkles for fun! Click HERE for the full tutorial from GEMS Girls’ Club. Tip: Make these the night before so the chocolate has time to cool and set before being thrown into a ziplock.

Make a batch of rice crispy treats, but add in a few drops of red food coloring the the marshmallow mixture. Feel free to add other pink, red and white hard-candies or sprinkles into the mix too! Then, before they are cool, form the traditional square into a 3-D heart! Place individually in cellophane with a red bow!

10-valentine-s-day-school-lunch-ideas-for-kids-raspberrybuttonsFor a sweet finishing touch, toss in a handful of white chocolate chips tucked into fresh raspberries.

Valentines_day_school_lunch_notes_ChickabugRegardless of what you pack, don’t forget to toss in a special note to remind your Valentine how much you care. Click HERE for free printable love notes from the Chickabug blog.

IMG_0962IMG_0974And for even MORE great kids’ lunch ideas for Valentine’s Day, check out: www.bento-logy.blogspot.com.

Did your mom or dad used to do anything special with your school lunch on different holidays? Let me know in the comments section below.

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