*** The Super Bowl is this weekend, so I figured I’d re-blog this post for anyone hosting a party that may have missed it last year! Go team! ***


Extraordinary Experiences

Hey Ya’ll,

Since many of you will be hosting parties for the big game on Sunday, I thought that today I’d share a few easy ways to make your Super Bowl XLVI bash all about the THREE R’s: REDUCE, RECYCLE and REUSE! (And the Three F’s too: football, food, and friends, of course.)

1) Food is always a big part of any party or event, so use your menu to put an Eco-friendly touch on your Super Bowl party by purchasing pesticide free produce and organic meats and vegetables. Stick to a “100 Mile” diet, which means you’re buying locally as opposed to globally, this cuts down on your carbon footprint and also helps boost the local economy. For example, instead of ordering greasy delivery items, put a healthy, Eco-friendly spin on your menu simply by making it at home! Try your hand at Alton Brown’s homemade buffalo wings…

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