7 Ways to Stay Healthy During the Holidays

Hey Ya’ll,

Today, I’m sharing my best advice for staying healthy over the holidays because let’s face it, with the cold weather, the stress, traveling, and all the binge eating and drinking, it’s pretty darn easy to get sick this time of year!


1) Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated.  Water is essential for good health. Alcohol and warm holiday drinks function like diuretics so make sure to drink lots of water to reduce your chances of getting sick.


2) Get a flu shot.  Flu season last until spring, so there is plenty of time to deep the benefits of a flu shot to help keep you from getting sick, especially when you will be interacting and socializing more than usual and coming in contact with lots and lots of people.


3) Get plenty of sleep!  The holidays bring on the added pressure of not only your everyday job and life, but attending holiday parties, shopping, entertaining guests, etc… so maintain a regular sleep schedule as much as possible.  Schedule a 15 – 30 minute power nap during the day to help you stay refreshed.

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4) Kick up the Vitamins.  Add a little extra Vitamin C to your daily intake, some B-12 and even a multivitamin to help boost your immune system. With all the processed foods and sweets that you may be adding to your diet during the holidays, a little vitamin boost can do wonders!


5) Don’t starve and binge. The idea that you will skip breakfast to indulge at the holiday party that evening is not healthy. Keep your routine for three meals a day rather than saving them all for one sitting.  Eat healthy, nutritious foods and try to splurge in moderation.  This is the most difficult one for me, I have the world’s worst sweet tooth and I want to try everything, a couple times over. LOL!  Enjoy the foods you love… and LOVE every minute of it!  Savor the flavor!  Sugar also weakens the immune system.


6) Avoid stress!  Don’t try to conquer the world during the holidays, avoid taking on too much and keep your life as on schedule and streamlined as possible.  Shop online rather than dealing with the crowds at the mall and the crazy parking lots. Attend parties that you really want to attend rather than the ones you feel obligated to attend so that you can keep yourself from feeling fatigued.


7) Keep up with your exercise routine.  Exercise is the first thing to go when life starts to get hectic, so make time in your day, even if only for 30 minutes to take a walk, hit the stair master, or pump a few weights. Also, don’t over overtax your body, if you do that can also cause your body to shut down, making you more susceptible to fatigue and getting sick. Moderation is key, just because you ate your way through every holiday party you were invited to, does not mean you have to kill yourself in the gym trying to work it all off.

Bonus Tip: Wash your hands often and use hand-sanitizer while traveling. What’s your BEST tip for staying healthy over the holidays?

If you do end up getting sick, I prescribe a lot of hot cocoa, chicken noodle soup and a movie marathon of all your fav holiday movies. (Click HERE for My Top 7 Holiday Movie List!) Be well my friends!

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