My Top 10 Holiday Gift Ideas for Kids

Hey Ya’ll,

Besides Santa Claus, there’s only one other thing that most red-blooded, American children anticipate the arrival of this time of year, and that’s the Great Big Toys ‘R’ Us Book!

So, on behalf of all the kids that spend hours carefully circling the toys that they want, only to receive clothes, socks and underwear on Christmas Day, I put together a parents’ shopping guide with this year’s hottest toys for kids from a handful of different stores.

In no particular order, here are the toys that made my Christmas 2012 must-give-gift-list:

1) The Furby

Toys “R” Us

2) One Direction Collectors Dolls

Target3) Fisher-Price Jake and the Neverland Pirates


4) Disney’s Doc McStuffin’s Dolls


5) Nintendo Wii U


6) Imaginext Eagle Talon Castle


7) Uglybuddies

8) Crayola Digital Light Designer


9) Barbie Fashion Doll


10) Master Moves Mickey

Toys “R” Us

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