How to Plan A Halloween Party and Create A Costume Using Face Paint

Hey Ya’ll,

My party planning tips are being featured in this month’s special Halloween edition of CeciStyle Magazine!

My first tip focused on helping folks find their Halloween style, which makes picking your party’s theme (and your costume) a lot easier. Click HERE for my detailed post on this topic.

Another fun idea I came up with is perfect for your front or back yard: tiny personalized tombstones with your guests names on them! Click HERE for my Haunt Your House posts, featuring this and other Halloween decoration ideas for both inside and outside of your home or party venue.

My biggest money-saving tip for this time of year is to leave your pumpkins un-carved. Not only can you be a lot more creative with how you decorate them as they are, they will also last long enough to re-use them for Thanksgiving decor! Click HERE for all my ideas on how to decorate with un-carved gourds for your party.

Lastly, be sure to click HERE for Ceci’s fantastic step-by-step instructions on how to get her spooky “Day of the Dead” cover look. If you want even more ideas for creating a costume using face paint and makeup, I highly recommend checking out makeup artist Michelle Phan’s website and YouTube channel. Here’s her how-to video for “Day of the Dead” face paint:

Here are a few more great sites for last minute costume ideas using face paint:

15 Easy Last Minute Halloween Face Paint Ideas via Bella Sugar

10 More Halloween Costume Makeup Tutorials on YouTube via Social Times

Have you ever painted your face for Halloween? Was it a total success or a hot mess? Let me know in the comment section below.

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