15 Clever Halloween Costumes for Your Pet

Hey Ya’ll,

Do you dress your pets up for Halloween? Last year, I blogged about almost every Halloween topic you could think of–except for pet costumes! So, this year I put together a post chock full of cute and clever costume ideas for your dog or cat.

Wondering why these images are numbered? Vote for which costume you think is the BEST in the comment section below! (My vote goes to: #10!!!).

Also, if you have a pet that you love to dress up for Halloween, send me a photo of him or her in their costume and I’ll feature them on the site. Send photos to: brianworley007@gmail.com.

I hope these photos gave you some good ideas for this year. I could look at these pets in costumes all day, couldn’t you? Okay, Okay! Here’s one more, since you twisted my arm:

Image via Huffington Post

Lastly, because it’s important to make sure the costume you select for your pet won’t harm them, click HERE for helpful tips for having a happy and safe Halloween with your pet from the ASPCA.

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5 thoughts on “15 Clever Halloween Costumes for Your Pet

  1. I have to have that cat you posted last on your post! oh my… love at fist sight LOL
    I really like #4 of course a flower lover myself but #12 will have people stopping and taking pictures!

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