Show Some Personality with Signature Drinks at Your Wedding!

Hey Ya’ll,

Today’s tip is one of the easiest ways to show your personality as a couple on your wedding day: Signature drinks!

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There is a specialty cocktail recipe that works with just about any color scheme you can dream up with for wedding, so try to use these colors both in the drink and in the garnishes.

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Doing so will add another pop of your signature colors not only to the drink station, but also as people move around the venue with their cocktail in hand.

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Get creative with your garnishes! Fruit works great, but you can also make drink stirrers with ribbons or pom poms on top, or even purchase cute straws with a stripe or polka dots!

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Try to think outside of the box in terms of what you can use as a drink stirrer!

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Last but not least, take some time to create a recipe card that will let your guests know that you have created a signature drink for the day (maybe even his & hers!).

You can print your signature drink announcement out and frame it or simply write it on a mini-chalkboard, but let your guests know what’s in it if they’re pre-made or how to make the drink if it’s DIY. Cheers!

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