Personalize Your Wedding with Monograms + Logos

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Hey Ya’ll,

Today, I’ve got another tip for you as featured by Wedding Bells magazine. It’s one of my most favorite ways to top a cake or add a little flair to a dance floor, and a great way to infuse your personality into your wedding day: Monograms!

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Consider incorporating monograms or logos throughout your celebration for an extra personal touch.

The logo above represented the couple attending the University of Texas. The lights feature the university’s longhorn mascot in one of the school colors – burnt orange.

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The best part of creating your very own wedding logo is that it can be used in so many different ways, from your wedding invitations, to your place settings, cocktail napkins, your wedding favors, on your cake, your gift table, it can even be projected on a wall in lights or on your dance floor.

In my opinion, the more personalized you can make your space, the more fun it will be planning and seeing everything come together on your wedding day!

3 thoughts on “Personalize Your Wedding with Monograms + Logos

  1. If I could put a monogram on all of my belongings I would! My husband had a matchbook collection before we got married, so we ordered monogrammed matchbooks to give out as little sirsees. We both had/have the last initial “T”, so we could do all kinds of fun things. Linen cocktail napkins with Ts that I still use today, paper cocktail napkins, and we used an embossed crest for my maiden last name at the top of the wedding invitation. Two of our friends’ first names started with “M”, so they placed dishes of color coordinated M&Ms at all of the dinner tables.

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