Personalizing Your Wedding With Bridesmaids’ Dresses That WOW!

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Hey ya’ll,

Since my last post was all about selecting a wedding dress that’s unique to you, today’s post is dedicated to rounding out the look of your wedding party by selecting unique bridesmaids’ dresses!

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3. Bridesmaids’ Dresses
Get creative with the dresses you outfit your best gals in. It’s important to understand that the color you choose for your bridesmaids’ dresses will help to determine what the look of your decor, flowers, linens, cake, etc., and will help tie the entire wedding into one cohesive theme. However, there is no reason everyone has to dress the same…

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To give your wedding a more personalized look, try mixing differing textures in the same color or multiple colors in the same fabric.

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Also, let each lady select the type of dress that fits their body best. Some women prefer straps, some don’t, and others want short and some prefer long!

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The sky is the limit in terms of styles these days, and I promise, it will make your wedding party much more interesting to look at during the ceremony and in your photos.

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Recently, it’s also become quite popular to create an ombre effect with bridesmaids’ dresses by using different shades from one family of colors.

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Also, don’t be afraid of white or ivory or even pale pink for your bridesmaids–it’s actually quite chic! This color scheme is particularly gorgeous if the bride is wearing blush or beige.

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Try to find white dresses in a textured fabric and again, feel free to mix and match!

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Lastly, if you’re going with the same dress in the same color for all of your bridesmaids, I recommend getting creative with your girls’ accessories. If you’re a crafty bunch, you could have each lady add an applique, or maybe a sparkly broach or some cute buttons, or even a belt to their dress to add a fun, personalized touch to each frock!

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One thing is for sure, the more thought you put into personalizing your bridesmaids’ dresses–the more your girls are going to LOVE wearing them on your big day. Good luck!

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