More of My YOU-nique Wedding Tips Featured by Wedding Bells Magazine!

Hey Ya’ll,

I hope you all had a great weekend. Today, I’m sharing another one of my sure fire ways to create a unique wedding celebration. Click here, to read all of my best tips as featured by Wedding Bells now. For the next tip in the series, read on…

In my first post we covered Tip 1: The Venue. Today, I’m skipping ahead to #10, because it should actually be #1…

10. The Dress
Say it with me, “It all starts with the dress.”  Whenever I start working with a bride, I ask her what her dress style is. I think it’s important to incorporate elements of the dress into the wedding.

Image via

A good place to incorporate your dress’s personality (and hopefully your own!) into your wedding is usually with the centerpieces, invitations, or even the cake.

Knowing the dress helps me also understand what type of bride I’m working with. I can tell if I’m going to design a princess-style wedding…

Image via

Or a chic and modern one:

Image via

So, when you’re looking for ways to infuse your wedding with your own YOU-nique personality, remember that everything radiates from the dress! Think about who you are and don’t be afraid to make a bold statement on your wedding day. As long as your fashion choices are authentic to your personality and taste, you’ll love like the stunning bride you always dreamed of being as a little girl! Happy shopping!

3 thoughts on “More of My YOU-nique Wedding Tips Featured by Wedding Bells Magazine!

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