My Tips for Personalizing Your Wedding Day to Make it More YOU-nique!

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Hey Ya’ll,

These days, folks are getting more and more creative when it comes to their wedding day. Instead of having one style for everything, people are finding ways to mix and match styles and designs to come up with something completely original that not only represents who they are, but is also fun and enjoyable for their guests.

In fact, Wedding Bells just published my ten best tips for personalizing your special day (click HERE to read them all now)! Over the next couple weeks, I’ll be sharing each tip one-by-one with all of you—starting with tip numero uno: selecting a YOU-nique venue.

1. Venue
Choosing an impressive venue spot is usually high on the priority list for couples. There’s so much potential to decorate a venue the way you want to, especially if you pick an empty space with no décor whatsoever. Also, instead of everything following one pattern, mixing textures and designs creates a really unique look. It’s important to also have arrangements at every eye level – high, medium and low – so your guests will never be staring at empty space.

Overall, if a certain aspect of your wedding planning is giving you a hard time, whether it be finding a venue, the perfect dress, or the right flowers, I always tell my clients to think outside the box because there is always potential to create something that has never been done before!

Check back for more of my wedding planning tips as featured by Wedding Bells next week –there will be ten YOU-nique tips in all!

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