Friday Favorites: The Butter End Cakery Giveaway!

Hey Ya’ll,

Good news! The weekend is finally here and today, I’m featuring a super sweet giveaway from The Butter End Cakery!

Artists and Epicures come together at The Butter End Cakery, where the finest cake just happens to be the canvas for incredibly unique works of art.

Millennium Falcon Cake

Born after owner Kimberly Bailey’s battle with cancer, The Butter End Cakery has become a place of joy, creativity and inspiration.

Using only local cage-free eggs, organic milk, hormone-free butter and rolled chocolate instead of fondant, makes The Butter End Cakery stand out in the cake shop crowd.

Ganesh Cake Photo Credit: Brian Leahy

The Butter End Cakery
is highly sought after by celebrities, five star hotels and anyone wanting to make their special occasion one to remember. And while they don’t have a bakery case with ready-made desserts, their lofty bright shop in Santa Monica, CA is open to the public with an expo kitchen where it’s fun to watch the team hard at work. You might even get lucky and score a free cake sample while you’re there! ; )

So… I bet you’re wondering how these gorgeous cakes really taste? Well, thanks to reality TV the art of cake making and decorating has become very popular! And while many of the new cake companies either make delicious tasting cake or beautifully decorated cake, The Butter End Cakery does both in a style that’s all their own. They also happen to keep a quote-wall in the kitchen of fun customer comments, including one bride who said, “That’s so good I think I just peed a little!” Which, if you ask me, is one of the best endorsements I’ve ever heard.

If you live in the Los Angeles area and would like to win an 8″ hand painted cake (feeds 10) from The Butter End Cakery, simply do the following:

1. FOLLOW them on FACEBOOK ( and/or TWITTER (

2. LEAVE A COMMENT on this blog post, telling us what you’d like your cake to look like and what special event or person you’d like to win the cake for!

That’s it! Follow @TheButterEnd on Twitter or Facebook, then leave a comment below and you could win a piece of edible art from this sweet California cake shop! Good luck!

***ELIGIBILITY/TERMS AND CONDITIONS: The cake order must be placed 2 weeks in advance and picked up at The Butter End Cakery shop located in Santa Monica, CA during business hours Monday – Friday. Contest ends at midnight on Thursday 8/9/12.***

7 thoughts on “Friday Favorites: The Butter End Cakery Giveaway!

  1. I would love to win a cake for my sweet mom! Breast Cancer survivor, role model, and my best friend. I would love to give her a pumpkin owl cake!

  2. If I win, I would request a gluten-free cake for my fiance’s birthday in two weeks. I would leave the creative design up to the talented baking artists (they clearly know what they are doing) and let it be a surprise! Okay, maybe I’d request a flower or two. 🙂

  3. Hi Brian! Long time since I’ve posted a comment, but I haven’t forgotten ya! I’ve been busy! Such gorgeous cake pictures and for such a great cause. Too bad I live in the East Coast! I especially love the elegant pearl drop cake-wowzers! Hope you’re doing great Brian! Have a great weekend!!

  4. I would like to see a phoenix rising out of the flames. The cake would be for me. I recently lost my husband then six months later my mom passed away. I need to reassure the little girl inside of me that this too shall pass and life will get better again. I have always put others first and will continue to do so, thats just how I am wired. But just this once, I would like to get the prize.

  5. what a great giveaway, thanks! I’d love to win this for my boyfriend’s 40th birthday. he deserves this and so much more! because he loves the outdoors, I’d love to create a cake in the shape of a mountain with the two of us on top!

    i’m a twitter follower @kolpin4680

  6. Awesome contest, Brian! I’d be so happy to win a cake for my girlfriend’s 35th birthday at the end of August. She recently shattered her knee in an accident and is in need of a real pick-me-up. She is an avid trail runner that yearns to get back outside, so I think a cake with her running through a forest would really help her on her road to recovery.

    I am following on Twitter and Facebook as “Daniel Budsy”

  7. I would love to win a cake for my husband who is an active duty military pilot….he was away from home for many years and is now how a position where he is home every day–we moved near the beach and he loves paddle boarding I would love a cake for his birthday with waves and a paddle/surf board for the party I am planning for him (:

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