How to Throw a Super Cool, Super Hero Themed Birthday Party

Hey Ya’ll,

Over the last fourteen years of my career, I’ve had a pretty successful go at designing and producing events for a growing list of big clients and A-list celebrities…

However, after seeing what my sister put together for my nephew’s 6th birthday party, I’m being forced to admit that there may be more than one event producer extraordinaire in my family!

I’ve really got to hand it to her, Cari gave me a run for my money with her ULTIMATE Super Friends Action Hero birthday party design.

First off, she totally nailed it in terms of selecting an age-appropriate theme. Then, she sent out invitations that created an exciting storyline for the party: “The villainous Mr. Freeze has stolen everything cold, and because it is HOT and HUMID in Texas, all the Super Friends gathered to combat his evil plot!”

Each one of my nephew’s friends was assigned a Super Friend to come dressed up as for a scavenger hunt around the neighborhood, where Mr. Freeze’s henchmen (AKA all of the kids’ Dads!) were ready to destroy their attempts.

Fun clues led to different stations where chilly rewards awaited the Super Friends gang if they were able to overthrow the Henchmen for VICTORY!

The rewards were frozen drinks, water balloons, squirt guns, and yummy popsicles. Plus, each kid got their very own commemorative t-shirt with the party’s logo:

But the coolest (literally) reward came in the form of a giant inflatable water slide!

All in all, I’d say her party was a HUGE success and something my nephew and his friends will remember fondly.

How cute is my adorable niece dressed as “Krypto”?!?

If you have children, let me know which party themes have been your kids’ favorites over the years. If you don’t have kids, I’d love to hear about the BEST birthday party you can remember from when you were a child. Let me know in the comment section below.

126 thoughts on “How to Throw a Super Cool, Super Hero Themed Birthday Party

    • I would love to see that, do you have a picture of it? My favorite cake my mom ever made me was my Pac-man and Miss Pac-man cakes. She made the bow out of the mouths that she cut out.

  1. Funny, your nephew’s birthday is the same as mine (I’m 19 now). I can’t think of themes right now, but I’ve had some pretty fun birthdays. But if someone were to throw me a themed birthday party for my 20th, it would probably either be something related to my love of horror stories/movies or my love of Japanese graphic novels and TV shows.
    By the way, there’s a Hawkman? I thought there was only a Hawkwoman! Justice League lied to me!

  2. We did a pirate theme for my sons 4th birthday. We kept it simple, hooks made out of party cups and tinfoil, foam swords and buried chocolate gold coins with an age appropriate map for the kids to follow. The best part was having it by the beach (flats by the river actually), it gave them miles of room to run and play sword fight and find treasure!

  3. Wow that looks like a pretty awesome bday party! My favorite birthday was when I was 6 and I had a Hawaiian themed party with coconut bowling! You have got some pretty creative ideas I must say!

  4. I have done the same party for our twins! Please come by and see the comic books I made with pictures of our three boys dressed up as super heroes! It was my favorite party I threw for them. More importantly, I think it was their favorite too! I don’t know, I like the Indiana Jones one and the spy party with the invotations printed in reverse… Oh my word do I love to throw a kids party!

      • Glad you came by and saw our own version. I don’t do this for a living, just for our boys. πŸ˜‰ I do have a few others that were awesome including an Indiana Jones party with movie poster invitations that I put our four year olds head on Harrison Ford’s body. Our little guy asked, When did you take that picture of me?” He was very impressed with himself. We put two mummies from Halloween out and dressed them in Egyptian costumes and even painted hieroglyphics on muslim and draped them over the front porch and let them hang down between the pillars, like a museum. The kids went on a treasure hunt that included finding a pit of rubber snakes and they each kept one and a riddle, (map with burned edges) to find the next pile of rats… Eventually they found the Arc of the Covenant Pinata, (which was a treasure chest pinata that I spray painted gold and put on two wooden dowels to carry, LIKE IN THE MOVIE!!! I already had the string for the pinata tied and hidden in the tree. Can you believe I don’t have a daughter?

        I have lots of other ideas and parties we have thrown but…

        Never mind the kids!!!

        I think I have found the PERFECT, (YOU!!!) person with the same ambition and imagination I have to throw my…

        (prepare yourself-this is true and is my actually birthday, I am a lucky girl)

        40th birthday on 12/21/2012

        You know, the movie about that date and the end of the world and the whole Mayan prediction…

        This will either be a great theme for a 40th birthday or fantastic goodbye to the human race.

        I have been telling mys husband all week that he has exactly six months to pull this thing together.

        The plans in my head include Bethenny Frankel’s new talk show.

        Big aspirations, πŸ˜‰ and I am crossing my fingers they will call me back after… (story about the Bethenny Frankel show calling me)

        Sooo, I am thinking Bethenny is going to need to “discover” a party planner, (you) and my 40th and my crazy group of friends can be your introduction to her.

        My husband is trying to get out of this the easy way, keeps offering me a convertible.

        Ok? πŸ˜‰

        • WOW. I just finished reading your post about the Bethany Frankel show calling you–how exciting! I too, hope that they call you back and select you for the show (I kind of hope that it is the naughty 50 Shades of Grey episode!!!!).

          Also, I LOVE the idea of an apocalypse themed 40th Birthday! How fun! I hope your husband goes all out – and NO – that dosen’t mean putting a bow on a convertible in your driveway!!! πŸ˜‰ haha, I bet he’ll have a lot of fun planning it for you – I wouldn’t want to take that away from him… but that doesn’t mean we can’t brainstorm some fun ideas around this unqiue party theme! And…. GO!

  5. I’m 40 years old and *I* would love a birthday party like this – looks like tons of fun. I hope you don’t mind, I gotta Pin that pic of everyone in their costumes for my board of superhero costumes. I love that someone got to be one of the Wonder Twins – ‘hope Jayna/Zan wasn’t far away!

    • Do I mind? Pin-away! And I agree, I’m turning 40 in a couple of months and this just might be a SUPER idea for my own party… I think I see a PART II to this post in my future!

  6. WOW!!! That looks like a lot of work, but totally worth it for the “fame” status with those kids! I like the comment that this could be an adult themed part too, ha!

  7. This is adorable! My son takes karate, so his favorite party was at his dojo; kids who took karate were asked to dress in their gear, and kids who weren’t karate students were given white belts to wear. Two kids signed up for karate lessons after the party!

  8. This is a great party idea and sometime I would do for my own birthday (anything to get my friends to dress up). Did any of the kids want to trade heroes?

    • I’m SURE. I couldn’t be there for the party, but from the looks of all the props they had for their costumes, I’m sure some trading went on at the party : ) so cute!

  9. I had a 60s birthday party when I was in fourth or fifth grade. Everybody had to come up dressed in 60s wear (if they wanted to!)–tie dye t-shirts, flip flops, and whatever else is associated with the 60s… Maybe Beatles shirts haha. My mom made cupcakes and put ying yang, smiley faces, and peace signs designs using the frosting. There was more but I can’t remember anymore. It was a simple idea and not elaborate but everyone had fun! I think the idea came from an American Girl magazine.

    • This is the 2nd or 3rd mention of a 60’s themed party : ) so cute! Your mom sounds like a champ for frosting all those cupcakes for her girl! I love the idea of a bunch of kids dressed as hippies!

  10. Dang. Makes my cupcakes and sprinkler look pretty weak. (But what the kids don’t know won’t hurt them.) They had a blast, and it was a homemade PVC-pipe sprinkler. Personally, I think any party at home that mom or dad put some thought into is a winner. Those are hard to come by these days. This sounds like an awesome party. Thanks for sharing and inspiring.

  11. Sounds like a great party. Congratulations to your sister and you for posting all her great ideas. I remember going on scavenger hunts when I was much younger and loved them. I haven’t been to a party like that in a long time but I make cakes for parties and weddings, and that’s fun.

  12. I love themed parties and thoughtful details! this one was awesomely consistent with the theme and looked like a lot of fun! weee, the giant inflatable slide! i’m feeling like a lil kid. wish i could throw a wicked party like this one for my nephews and nieces one day.

  13. Impressive indeed! Wishing I had been more adventurous.
    I’ve got a great grand daughter turning one, with a whole lot of birthdays ahead of her coming. Her mommy is doing a Hello Kitty for this one, can’t do too much for a one year old who is totally happy about everything anyway.
    As for sharing, I had a ’60s party when I turned 60. The guests dressed accordingly, we played games, had a dance contest, trivia questions, even a pinata as a VW Beetle.

  14. OH MY.. this is super cool.. Im sure my prince (spider man himself) gonna love it..!! thank you for sharing:):):)

  15. I loved how she gave each child who would attend a super hero and costume idea. This way she didn’t have 10 supermans and batmans showing up. Looked like fun!

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  17. This is seriously the greatest party idea ever. I’m twenty-something and I would be psyched if I had a super hero themed birthday. Props to your sister; that must have taken forever to plan.

  18. love the pics – how fun for kids and grown-ups! Thanks for the great ideas…my 2 year old will love this!

  19. That is too cool! Looks like it was a lot of fun. Your sis did an amazing job with the activities πŸ™‚

    One of my fav parties was my sister’s 21st. Her party themed was kid-styled. All of her friends got dressed in costumes. We decorated the place in child-like colours will balloons, streamers and banners. We had sponge-bob themed cups, plates and party bags. We played all the kid games, like musical chairs and pin the tail on the donkey. She had a piΓ±ata and a princess castle cake as well. Everyone enjoy the evening. Even the older folk, haha.

  20. I hope my fiance doesn’t find this post! Seeing all your fab pictures will definitely convince him that we need to have a power rangers themed wedding! I just won’t allow it!

  21. Wow! I love it! You can also buy legitimate super hero movie posters off ebay in mass for around $20. I decorated a guy’s dorm in college so I learned a few tricks of the trade. Great resource! I’ll definitely recommend it to ladies in the church I attend with young kids!

  22. I love party planning/design and I seriously think I just want to have kids so I have more birthday parties to plan. This is a very adorable idea.

  23. [Sally’s daughter actually typing because I feel she’s too modest to describe the thing in justice:]
    Because I was an extreme Sonic the Hedgehog fan growing up, my mother threw me a Sonic-themed 8th birthday.

    My cake was a 3D replica of my computer (complete with a small mouse also made out of cake) with the characters (she had printed them out so they looked exactly like the game sprites) in a scene from the game, faithfully rendered in frosting. She spent hours playing Sonic music on the computer so she could record it on cassette to play during the party. There were all kinds of games, including throwing “gold rings” like horseshoes, and throwing eggs (“egging”) the game villain, Eggman.

    All the kids had a score card and would get Chaos Emerald stickers for participating in each game. At the end these were counted up and whoever had the most Chaos Emeralds (I believe it was my cousin) ‘won’ a special prize… while everyone else got to ‘buy’ prizes (sticker books, coloring books, Goosebumps books, etc.) with however many stickers they had. Everyone went home with something cool.

    Not only was it a blast at the time, but more than a decade after the fact I still had teenage friends bringing it up occasionally and talking about how cool it had been! Way to go mom, you threw me one awesome party!

    • Wow, it sounds like you really appreciated all the work your mother did to make that day special for you and your friends–so it sounds like she did a great job raising you! What a great mama! Sidenote: I too, loved video games growing up! My fav birthday was Pac-man themed–my mom also made me a pac-man and pac-woman cake! : ) thanks for sharing!!!

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  25. I was wondering why it was so hot here! What a cute party idea. You have to keep little ones busy and this will do the trick πŸ™‚ Thanks for sharing and kudos for FP!!!

  26. This is great for getting the ideas going! We did a Scooby Doo party similar to this two years ago for our sons 7th birthday. We made it a mystery party. The presents and loot bags were stolen and they had to follow the clues, solve the individual mysteries (aka games), find the next clue, and then unmask the bad guy and get their loot back. It was so fun! The games were a variety of dog themed activities Tossing “Scooby snacks” aka dog bones, into a doggie dish, by teams. Also relay races on four legs carrying new dog toys around an obstacle course and dropping them into a dog dish. Things like that. Each game had the next clue attached once they completed it. Loads of fun! The kids still talk about that birthday and covet an invitation to my sons parties! Last year was pirates with a Pirates of the Caribbean style compass and clues/activites. Amazing! And this year, super heroes. Should be fun planning! Thanks for your ideas!

  27. I just found your blog trying to get ideas for my little brother’s 6 year old theme party which is in two months and now i have a huge light bulb in my head. thank so much for making this post I bet those kids had a blast I know I would.

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  29. Reblogged this on Extraordinary Experiences and commented:

    Hey Yall, In honor of the NEW Superman movie “Man of Steel” coming out today, I’m re-posting my Superhero party blog. I hope you go see the film over the weekend, but even if you don’t, you’ll still enjoy looking at these cute kids dressed as their favorite superheros! Up, up, and away! -Brian

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    I’m not very web smart so I’m not 100% positive. Any recommendations
    or advice would be greatly appreciated. Appreciate it

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