My ‘5 Wedding Traditions to Keep’ Huffington Post Feature

Did any of you have a sixpence in your left shoe on your wedding day?!?! It’s supposed to represent good fortune…

Hey Ya’ll,

There are moments in your life that you hope will last forever… And for many women, their weddings are a day of unforgettable moments that will live on in their memories, cherished, revisited and relived long after the day has passed.

First and foremost, I always tell brides I work with to take the time to notice and enjoy everything about their wedding day because it races by and before they know it, the day is over. The second thing I tell every couple is that it is their wedding, not their mother’s or grandmother’s. Of course, there are traditions that should be considered and elements that will make a wedding timeless. But it is their wedding, and it is perfectly okay to shake things up, make traditions their own, and make their own rules.

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With that said, I recently wrote an article for the Huffington Post on this very topic, in which I offered up five wedding traditions every couple should consider keeping. Click HERE to find out which ones I recommend saying “I Do” to and which ones you can throw out with the bathwater!

Did you skip or drastically alter any classic wedding traditions at your modern wedding? Let me know in the comment section below.

2 thoughts on “My ‘5 Wedding Traditions to Keep’ Huffington Post Feature

  1. Brian, I truly appreciated this post. As my fiance and I plan our wedding, we are creating more traditions than we are following. While we won’t be keeping the chapel for our ceremony, all of your other suggestions have already made the “must do” list.

    My family has always been an excellent passenger to the whirlwind that is my life, so they are very excited to see what traditions will be formed when Matt and I marry in December. Since some are going to be a surprise, I cannot list them here.

    After the ceremony, however, I would love to share them on my blog with you. 🙂

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