Three Hollywood Sayings to Help You Plan Your Wedding

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Did you recently become engaged? Congratulations! Now the planning begins…

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If you are like most brides, you will start grabbing every bridal magazine you see, spend hours online “googling” wedding trends to “pin” to your inspiration boards, scour locations and begin the hunt for your perfect wedding dress — but there are three sayings in Hollywood that cross over into the wedding planning world that are crucial during the beginning stages of the planning process once you have decided on a date for the big “I do.”

1. Location, Location, Location. This eight-letter word does not only apply to Hollywood movie shoots, it also applies to wedding planning. Finding the perfect location is a difficult process, especially when you are on a budget or unsure of what type of wedding you want to have.

Nowadays, brides are getting more creative with the spaces they choose to get married. They seek unique venues that have character and charm, or may be off the beaten path but full of history and ambiance. The location you choose sets the theme for the overall feel of the entire wedding, so lock in your location as soon as you can. The good ones go fast!

2. Time for your closeup. Choosing the right videographer or photographer is a difficult task! Be ready to spend a lot of time getting your picture taken and make sure that you feel very comfortable with someone invading your personal bubble.

I always suggest to brides I work with to spend at least an hour or so getting to know the photographer you are interested in working with. You need to interview them — just because you like their work doesn’t mean that you will like them in your face on the day of your wedding.  The best wedding pictures are candid ones where the bride and groom seem completely unaware there is a camera in their vicinity and are enjoying the day and having fun! Good wedding photographers and videographers get snapped up fast, so book them as soon as possible and get them locked to your big day.

3. Let us entertain you. For most couples, aside from the ceremony the main reason for having a big wedding is to have a big celebration where their family and friends gather to celebrate. With that said, finding the perfect wedding band or DJ is difficult, but can also be a huge difference in how much you are spending to be entertained. Whether you are looking for a band or DJ, like the wedding locations and the photographers, the good ones go fast, so as soon as you know who or what you want, lock them in and hand over the deposit.

The three vendors above will remain with you during your entire wedding day. Locations can typically only handle one wedding a day and the photographer will start early to capture every move you make throughout the day. The entertainment is there for the long haul, so unlike florists and caterers who can execute multiple weddings in one day, you’ll need to secure the location or you won’t be getting married there, secure the photographer or you won’t have the memories and secure the entertainment or you won’t have a party.

Once you’ve got these three elements locked in place, you’ve set the foundation for an extraordinary experience on your wedding day… and that’s a wrap!

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