Make Tonight a Movie Night!

Hey Ya’ll,

I recently teamed up with PEOPLE magazine movie critic Alynda Wheat to create four fun movie nights that you can have with family and friends. Our kid-friendly movie selections are both new, Harry Potter, and old, E.T., and includes yummy snacks like gourmet chocolate covered popcorn or homemade ice cream sandwiches!

Make a “party pad” for the entire family to get cozy on during the movie by taking the cushions off your sofa and putting them on the floor. Then, have the kids run around the house before the film, gathering as many pillows and blankets as they can find!

Another great idea for an evening in with friends is to host an action movie night! Think of it like a tailgate, with lots of beer, chicken wings, coleslaw, baked beans and rice, but instead of watching the big game, you’ll be getting amped up to watch JAWS or The Empire Strikes Back or Raiders of the Lost Ark!

I also love our ladies’ choice picks, because there’s nothing more therapeutic than gathering your besties for a night of pampering, cocktails, and a good old-fashioned chick-flick. Serve a sweet drink like “Avenueade” (recipe above) with sliced cucumbers and healthy dips (Bonus: If there are leftovers, the cucumbers are also great for decreasing under-eye puffiness!).

Did your favorite movie-night flick make our lists? Let me know in the comment section below.

6 thoughts on “Make Tonight a Movie Night!

  1. Did I like this post? “As you wish..” You can never go wrong with “The Princess Bride” which is still one of my all time favorite movies! Although it didn’t make the list, I love “Serendipity” very much for an all girls movie night.

  2. How awesome is your People article !!!!!
    We do “Movie – In ” night every couple weeks, and as Java Girl said, “cant go wrong with “Princess Bride” ! Lots of our favs are on your list (Bridget, Hobbits, Hans Solo), but shocked to see one of my favs that many have forgotten – Raising Arizona !

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