Spring 2012 Trends for the Wedding Party

Yvonne Wong Photography

Hey Ya’ll,

For today’s installment of my March Wedding Series, I’m sharing my favorite trends popping up on stylish groomsmen and bridesmaids for spring 2012.

For the groomsmen, this season it’s all about skipping the black and white tuxedos and coordinating fun colors and patterns from head-to-toe instead! Personally, I feel that if the wedding is not an evening or black tie event and the guests are wearing suits for the most part, then so should the groomsmen! Not to mention, it’s a lot less wasteful to spend a little money on a suit that they can wear again, as opposed to a rented tux they’ll only get to wear once.

As men, we are limited in ways to accessorize, so go one step further in your color coordinating by mixing patterns into your look!

I’m also happy to announce that bow ties have been making a resurgence and with that comes another area to accessorize in fun colors and patterns that fit the wedding’s theme! However, the big spring trend is fun socks and shoes that allow each guy to show off their personality and style…

Ladies, don’t let the guys have all the fun! Creative bridesmaids dresses are also starting to become more popular. Bold pops of color are great for spring and summer weddings, as is selecting a shade of pink or blue for the bridesmaids to create an ombre effect is still a popular idea that is going strong.

Don’t forget, Bridesmaids come in all shapes and sizes, so I always suggest choosing a dress that comes in a few different styles so that they can each choose what they feel most beautiful in. The bride isn’t the only one who wants to feel beautiful, so do your bridesmaids! They’re standing next to the bride for the majority of the day, so they should also have the chance to look and feel stunning… especially if they are buying a dress that they will hopefully want to wear again.

Lastly, Kate and Pippa let the world know that it is now acceptable for bridesmaids to wear ivory or white… just like the bride! I think this is a very cool trend…
Remember, when deciding what your groom and wedding party will be wearing, be sure to use your wedding dress as the inspiration. Then, tie everything together using subtle accessories (for yourself, the groom and the wedding party), your table settings, wedding favors, and of course, flowers! All of these style choices combined will help to create an extraordinary experience.

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