How to Pick Your Wedding Flowers


Hey Ya’ll,

I’ve helped countless couples select flowers for their wedding, so today I thought I’d offer some tips on what to look for when picking the perfect blooms…

I say it all the time, the wedding dress is the centerpiece of a wedding. But the flowers are the secondary centerpiece, especially when your guests are sitting at a table with them blooming in their faces. Everyone has their own ideas on how to choose the flowers for a wedding and I have some as well!
The time of year you get married will help to determine what types of flowers will be in season and what colors you should use. Roses and orchids are available year-round. Calla lilies and tulips bloom during the winter and spring. Hydrangea are in season during the summer and fall. And the ever popular peonies only bless us with their beauty during the spring. If there is a must have flower on your list, make sure to get married when that flower is in full bloom.
Another thing to keep in mind is supply and demand. When particular flowers are in full bloom, you can get a much better deal. This will help your budget as flowers are much more abundant during the season they are grown. I guess this is one of the reasons they say June is wedding season!
When I am designing a wedding, there are a few areas of consideration that I use to determine the colors of the wedding. The wedding dress and the bridesmaid dresses are a huge factor, but I love to design a wedding using colors from opposite ends of the color spectrum. I like to have fun with color and the flowers play a huge part in how that is accomplished.
I once designed a wedding that took place at a stunning mansion made entirely of stone. We chose turquoise and orange as the signature colors and every time I mentioned to someone that we were going to use those two colors together, their eyes widened and their nose curled up. I will be the first to tell you that the wedding was stunning (see photos above and below). The vibrant colors were electric against the stone walls of the mansion. Without lighting, we had to punch up the color palette and use it as the spotlight for the centerpieces. Neutral colors can fade away during the day and get lost in the beauty of the location. With the stone walls, I wanted to design something that popped!
Once your wedding date is chosen, then the fun begins and there are so many ways you can incorporate flowers into the wedding. Here are a few more guidelines to follow when designing flowers:

1. Less is more at the wedding ceremony. All of your family and friends have assembled together on your special day, so don’t distract them with too much going on.

2. Reposition the ceremony flowers and use them at the reception. This will save money and allow you to stay within your budget.

3. Make the biggest bang happen when your guests are sitting up close and personal to the centerpieces. But make sure not to block the view of the person that is sitting across from them.

4. Choose hardy flowers that will last a long period of time, especially if they will be sitting in the sun.

5. Pick flowers that will make an impact and also make you happy!

What are your favorite flowers for weddings? Let me know in the comment section below.

8 thoughts on “How to Pick Your Wedding Flowers

  1. Well….I like the English Garden theme personally. I’ve never seen flowers overflow down from a table before as seen in the above picture. I find that rather pretty and romantic. Maybe in a whimsical way. I noticed a lot of those pictures are from your website (gallery). Nice! More people should check them out. 🙂

  2. How convenient that you post this right now. I am the maid of honor in my friends upcoming wedding and we are in the the throes of her planning. We love the Hydrangea ideas and I shared this post with her! Thanks!

    • Thanks for stopping by and for sharing! I’m going to be doing a whole series of wedding posts over the next few months–so I hope you’ll both check in with me from time to time! I’d love to see pics and hear about your planning/wedding ideas too!

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