Something That Piqued My ‘Pinterest’…

Hey Ya’ll,

Have you heard of Pinterest? I recently became a “pinner” myself, and since I’m having so much fun on the site, I’m giving anyone who hasn’t heard of it yet a quick heads up!

Pinterest is a social bookmarking site that lets you organize and share anything and everything you find inspiring, interesting, helpful, exciting, beautiful and beyond, from anywhere on the web. It’s very easy to use, although signing up is still by invite only, so you’ll need to submit your email and wait about 3-4 days to set up your profile.

For the most part, the site seems to be populated by women who are planning their weddings or re-decorating their homes. There are also a lot of foodies who are sharing and organizing their favorite recipes and of course, the creative DIY crowd. However, it seems like over the last month the site has grown to feature a much more diverse user population, so there’s even more to look at and be inspired by!

Once you create a profile, you should download the “pin it button”. This allows you to pin items from outside of the site itself. Also, beyond pinning to your own boards, you can browse pinboards created by other people–which is a great way to stumble on new things and get inspiration! It’s fun to connect with people who have my same interests. Whether it’s a tie, a recipe, a photograph, or a beautiful color scheme for a spring wedding! Best of all, the content in my feed is constantly changing but always on point in terms of what I find interesting–because you choose who’s ‘pins’ you’d like to follow. When you’ve seen everything they’ve ‘pinned’ recently, you can even click ‘Everything’ from the site’s main navigation to see what everyone else has been pinning!

So here’s where you can find me on Pinterest: I hope you’ll follow my pins and please feel free to leave the link to your Pinterest profile in the comments section below so that I can follow you! Happy pinning!

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