Give a Little Love: Last Minute Valentine’s Day Gifts!

Hey Ya’ll,

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day! Are you ready? If not, today I’m sharing a few last minute gift ideas that work for just about any kind of Valentine… as long as they have an appetite!

Personally, whenever I’m struggling in the gift department, I usually go for a bottle of wine or flowers or something edible because let’s face it, almost everyone loves being surprised with a treat! In terms of sweets, cupcakes and cakepops are all the rage right now. Here are a few of my favorite creations:

If mini-cakes aren’t your sweetheart’s thing, whip up a batch of heart-shaped rice crispy treats!

Add red dye to the marshmallow and rice crispy mix or lightly dust the hearts with sprinkles before they cool for an even more festive gift. Wrap each individual heart in cellophane and top them off with pink or red ribbon.

Homemade cookies and suckers are also a fun gift to make for Valentine’s Day. Here are a few cute ideas:
If you really want to be unique, surprise your Valentine with a hearty breakfast…



My last edible gift idea is one that caught my eye on Pinterest (Check back Wednesday for more on this awesome website!)…
You’ll need, a days-of-the-week pill divider, seven different types of candy, plus, seven thin strips of paper with sweet nothings printed on them.

Tip: Instead of putting candy in every compartment, insert tiny tokens of your affection like jewelry or trinkets that remind you of them or your favorite dates or places you’ve been together.

That’s it! I hope these last minute gift ideas help you create extraordinary experiences this Valentine’s Day. And remember, the best gift of all is your undivided love and attention, so don’t forget to give that to your Valentine too!

9 thoughts on “Give a Little Love: Last Minute Valentine’s Day Gifts!

  1. I’m giving my mother pink roses tomorrow! Cute ideas! I’ve also just heard of Pininterest. I joined a few days ago, but still have to upload pages to it once I get the pin button working. Looks like an interesting site! Have a nice day tomorrow! 🙂

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