Give a Little Love: Valentine’s Day Party Activities!

Hey Ya’ll,

Yesterday, I suggested throwing a Valentine’s Day toga party as a reminder that regardless of whether you’re single, in a new or serious relationship, married or have a family—there are plenty of fun ways to feel the love on Feb. 14. Today, I’m featuring a bunch of Valentine’s Day inspired party activities sure to entertain guests of all ages!
“Cupid’s Arrows”
You’ll need one box of straws, a box of Q-tips, a few heart-shaped bowls (try Target or 99-cent stores!) and masking tape. Divide the group, or family up into teams. Place a heart shaped bowl in front of each team and place some tape about 2 feet back from each teams bowl. Each team member needs a straw and the team needs a large pile of arrows (Q-tips). Tell the “Cupids” they have one minute to get as many “arrows” into their heart as possible. To do this you must place the straw in your mouth, load it with an “arrow,” and then blow the “arrow” out the end of the straw towards the heart bowl. The team with the most arrows through the heart wins.
“Heart’s Desire”
Cut several hearts in various sizes out of white construction paper and set them out on a table for your guests to decorate and give to someone special. As far as decorating supplies go, be sure to include tape, Elmer’s glue, glue sticks, glitter, tissue paper, markers, hole punch, yarn or string, stapler, construction paper, tiny candy hearts and anything else your heart desires!
To play this game, everyone must form a circle and think of a sign related to Valentine’s Day such as, crossing your arms for a hug, puckering your lips, signing “I love you”, pointing to your heart, etc. (The signs can be as creative as you’d like!) Next, everyone must show their sign to the group by going around the circle a few times flashing your sign when it’s your turn until you’re all familiar with each sign. Then, the designated leader starts the game by saying, “What’s the name of the game?” Everyone replies, “Thumper!”, as they pound on the table with their fists. The leader continues, “And how do you play?” and everyone responds, “You thump!” Then everyone repeats the following motion throughout the game: Slap both hands on your lap, clap, snap your left hand, snap your right hand. As everyone is repeating this motion over and over, the leader gives his/her sign as well as another person’s sign. The player whose sign was chosen has to then give his/her sign and the sign of a person of his/her choice. And so on and so on. While different people are choosing signs the rest of the group must continue to go through the “slap, clap, snap, snap” motions. This game continues until someone misses a sign, or gives the wrong sign (Then that person is out and the game starts at the beginning with the people who are “out” outside of the circle). The person who doesn’t miss a sign throughout the entire game is the winner!

If you know of a great party activity for a Valentine’s Day soiree, let me know in the comment section below. And be sure to check back tomorrow, for fabulous drink and garnish ideas that will take your party from ordinary to extraordinary!

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