Sweet Treats and BYOB Drinks Party: Guest Tips

Hey Ya’ll,

For the third installment of my Holiday Party Round Up series, I’m giving you tips for attending a “Sweet Treats and BYOB Drinks” party—including my favorite winter drink recipes and plenty of creative garnish ideas to make your drinks sparkle with holiday spirit!

How cute are these little gingerbread house garnishes?!?

My all-time favorite holiday drink is actually my mother’s recipe for “adult” hot chocolate:

8qt package of Carnation dried milk
16oz can of Nestles Quick
¾ cup powdered sugar
1 jar Coffee-mate creamer

Add a shot of Butterscotch schnapps per glass
Splash of Frangelico hazelnut liqueur per glass

Click on the drink pics and links below for a variety of fabulously festive drink recipes:

Better Homes and Gardens

She Knows

What to Drink

The Food Network

My personal favorite from The Food Network’s list is the Hot Buttered Rum recipe:
Mix 4 tablespoons softened butter with 1/2 teaspoon each vanilla, cinnamon and allspice, and a pinch of nutmeg. Heat 1/2 cup pineapple juice in a mug; stir in 1 tablespoon brown sugar and 1 ounce rum. Top with a pat of the spiced butter.
After you select a drink recipe, you should invent a new name for it and add a garnish or two. Garnishes are the perfect way to make your drink unique and add a little holiday cheer! Here’s a list of items to consider:

•    Mint
•    Sprig of rosemary
•    Candy canes
•    Pomegranate seeds
•    Cinnamon stick
•    Licorice
•    Red currants
•    Rock Candy Swizzle Sticks
•    Mini-marshmallows with red frosting drizzled over top
•    Whipped cream with sprinkles or chocolate chips
•    Red or green sugar rim
•    Cranberries
•    Cherries
•    Raspberries
•    Sweet gooseberries
•    Holly berries

Tell me about your favorite holiday drink in the comment section below. Happy drinking!

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