Sweet Treats and BYOB Drinks Party: Host Tips

Hey Ya’ll,

Today I’m sharing some tips to help make your next soiree an extraordinary experience—especially if you’ve decided to take a cue from my Holiday Party Round Up series by hosting a “Sweet Treats and BYOB Drinks” party.

The first thing to remember is to be clear about what kind of party you’re throwing in your invitations. I recommend using an e-card service like cocodot.com, where you can quickly design a chic (not to mention, eco-friendly!) invite with plenty of room for party details.

For this type of party, choose a start time that allows your guests enough time to eat dinner, since you’ll only be serving dessert. Also, let your guests know that they’ll need to bring any and all ingredients required to make their favorite holiday drink, plus, a note card with the name of their drink and the recipe.

Bonus Tip: After the party, do your guests a favor by sending out an email with all of the recipes and a few party snapshots!

You should also have plenty of glassware options for your guests to use since every drink needs the perfect glass! Here are a few green options that are still festive and chic, the first of which, are from an Eco-friendly party supplies site called sustyparty.com:

Another online option is greenpartygoods.com:

Or you could hit up your local grocery store for Bare by Solo Cup:
Finally, click on photos or links below for some festive dessert ideas for your party:

Reindeer Cake Pops

Reindeer Nutter-butter Cookies

Peppermint Macaroons

Snowman inspired dessert ideas…

Bonus Tip: Include dessert options for Jewish and Vegan guests, like this Good Housekeeping recipe I found for Sufganiyot (see baked jelly donuts above) or this amazing recipe for Apple Bavarian Torte I found on Peta‘s website.

Follow these tips and you’re sure to go down in history as the host who created the most extraordinary holiday party experience of the year!

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