Get Ready to Rumble

Hey Ya’ll,

I recently experienced yet another side of LA that I was unaware of… The World Series of Boxing match between the Los Angeles Matadors and the Astana Arlans at The Music Box in Hollywood. The match was co-hosted by Jenny McCarthy and Evander Holyfield and promised to be an evening unlike my Friday night spent cruising around an art gallery.

Check out the Season 2 hype video below, turn up your speakers and watch it full screen:

My friend Rich Orosco is the general manager of the Matadors, so I had to support him in this new venture along with my friend J’Nae who sang the National Anthem.  (Make sure to check out the Youtube clip HERE of her singing, she has some major pipes!)  DJ Pesce was spinning throughout the night… she literally played every upbeat, energetic, and appropriate song to keep the energy up and powerful.

The evening started with an introduction of the teams, a quick dance routine center ring but the LA Matadors version of the Laker Girls appropriately called the Knockouts and then onto the fights. We were entertained by five fights, each five rounds. Astana won the first two rounds, but the Matadors bounced back claiming victory in the last three and securing a win for the evening. I still wonder why anyone would want to get punched in the face repeatedly… over and over again, but these guys do, so that just goes to show that there are careers for everyone out there.

I am happy to say that I honestly had no idea what to expect from the evening, but Rich and the LA Matadors were able to create an extraordinary experience. What are you doing this weekend? Let me know in the comment section below!

P.S. The next LA Matadors match takes place on Dec. 4. Click HERE for details.

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