Shepard Fairey’s New Mural, Music and People-Watching: A Very L.A. Night


Hey Ya’ll,

The life of a Los Angeles socialite is more than just Hollywood. There is a thriving fine art scene in LA that offers a scene like no other…

Friday night I joined up-and-coming art consultant to the stars, John Wolf. He took me to a gallery opening reception at MK2 Projects a special exhibition space from Merry Karnowsky. There was a group exhibition in conjunction with the unveiling of Shepard Fairey’s latest “District La Brea” mural, which is an amazing installation that wraps around the entire parking structure. You can also see another of Shepard’s giant pieces gracing the entire wall at the new, and might I say stunning West Hollywood Library on San Vicente in West Hollywood. The two week show will feature work from Shepard Fairey, Deedee Cheriel, Mercedes Helnwein, Mark Whalen (Kill Pixie), Mel Kadel, Travis Millard, Matt Small, Samuel Lowder (FrePrs), Lezley Saar, Aiko Nakagawa, Todd Carpenter and Steven R. Gilmore.

Electro-funk down tempo beats come from the DJ as you enter the renovated Continental Graphics building. I was really digging some of the figurative pop-surrealism art by Kill Pixie. But more intriguing was the crowd – art families with dancing babies were among sleek model-types, and some guy that looked like he just crawled off skid row. I think his hair was housing a zoological experiment. 

The Gothic pierced girl with 7-inch stilettos clinging to the businessman in a suit could have been an artist or a writer, and definitely a vegan. It was truly a juxtaposition in fashion, art and style that made up the eclectic Los Angeles vibe.

MK2 Projects is located at 161 S. La Brea Avenue, Los Angeles.

Aside from interesting art, the people watching was just as diverse, but that is what creates an extraordinary experience.

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