My Own Outdoor Room

Hey Ya’ll,

At 6am the other morning, a large pile of lumber was delivered to my house as Jamie Durie, the awesome landscape artist who has a client list that includes A-List celebrities and five-star hotels around the world, will embark on the challenge of redoing my backyard!

I moved into my house in November of last year and sadly, pretty much everything back there has died or is on its last leg.  That is also not saying much because the previous owners left a rusty IV stand back there among a variety of fruit trees and three different styles of fencing that are all in desperate need of help!

Jamie is best known for the show that he hosts, Outdoor Room on HGTV where he finds the saddest, most depressing backyards and makes them into amazing spaces, similar to what I do when designing an event!  Ok, so now you are wondering why I am not designing my own backyard since I am a designer and the simple answer is two fold. One, I don’t have the time to redo my yard and two, I don’t know the first thing about landscaping, plants or anything in that world.  I’ve never had to landscape a yard as a party design challenge, so I am excited to let an expert do what he does best so that I can continue to do what I do best, produce events!

Literally four days later, my new backyard was revealed to me and I honestly don’t recognize it.  I asked for a space where I can entertain as well as a comfortable area to hang out and enjoy Southern California, and that is what I got!  I now have a very large deck (which explains the huge pile of lumber!), amazing seating areas, tons of plants and greenery as well as privacy from my neighbors.

I’ve included some before pictures of the yard (above) and if you want to see what is looks like now, you have to wait until the spring when the show starts to air on HGTV.  I can’t ruin the surprise for everyone, what is the fun in that?  Now I have the challenge to turn my brown thumbs into green thumbs!

Take a look at my yard before and if you have any suggestions for what Jamie or I should have done let me know… then watch the show to see if you were close to creating the same extraordinary experience.

3 thoughts on “My Own Outdoor Room

  1. Brian,
    Can’t wait to see the pictures your new yard. You will so love having some wonderful outdoor space to have a big party to celebrate the transformation!
    Send us picture of all. Please let me know when you are coming to Austin. We would love to have you over.
    lots of love,
    Susie Dudley

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