Suffering from a Candy Hangover? 4 Things To Do With Excess Candy!

Hey Ya’ll,

Are any of you suffering from a candy hangover? Whether you’ve been dipping into your kids’ trick-or-treating loot or your own Halloween party favor goodie-bags, one thing’s for sure—no one needs to consume THIS much candy:
So, today I’m sharing four fun ideas for getting rid of the excess Halloween candy lying around your house or office without wasting it!

Halloween Candy Debacle Solutions:

1. Donate it!
I saw a segment about this on the news last night and thought it was an excellent idea—especially if you have kids! There are plenty of organizations that will gladly take your candy, but here are a few suggestions: a local women’s shelter, local doctors office or children’s hospital, a nursing home, or even to the military through Operation Gratitude and Halloween Candy Buy-Back drives happening at dentist offices all over the U.S.

2. Make a holiday gingerbread house. This is such a brilliant way to use your leftover Halloween candy without wasting it! HERE is the first of a four-part video series that walks you through the process of creating a gingerbread house to display for the holidays or give as a gift!

3. Use it for your kids’ school projects. There are plenty of ways to use candy when it comes to school art and science projects. Click HERE for some creative candy experiments to try with your kids.

4. Sort, Save & Re-purpose it! Go through your massive candy pile and pull out any items that you can use for holiday baked goods and then store them in a big freezer-safe bag until Thanksgiving or Christmas! For everything else, create little baggies of random candy and use them in your kids’ sack lunches over the next few months. Or, if your child happens to have a birthday coming up (or you’re throwing an up-coming soiree and plan to have a candy buffet), you can re-purpose the candy by creating take-home goodie-bags for guests.

Do you have any creative leftover candy solutions you rely on this time of year? Let me know in the comment section below.

I hope these ideas help you fend off the dreaded candy coma this year! Stay healthy and happy my little candy fiends.

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