The Day-Before-the-Party To-Do List!

Hey Ya’ll,

Halloween is almost here, which means it’s almost time to party until the break of dawn! So, in an effort to save you from waking up at the break of dawn to set up for your party—I’m sharing a few high priority items you should check off your list today, so that you can enjoy your party tomorrow!

Day-Before-Party To-Do List:

  • Carefully inspect your party location from top-to-bottom to ensure that it’s clean and presentable  (that is, unless your theme would benefit from some extra dirt and dust!)
  • Pay attention to detail! For example, be sure to clean out any “private” items from drawers or a medicine cabinets that guests will have access to. Also, designate a place at your party’s location where guests can safely store their personal belongings during your party (i.e. coats, purses, phones, cameras, etc.).
  • Arrange the furniture in your party’s space so that there are multiple conversation areas with seating and easy-to-navigate walkways.
  • Set any and all tables. This means you’ll need to press the linens and lay them down first, and then add all of your decorations, making sure to leave enough space for food and beverages (use your serving platters and bowls as place holders).
  • Buy any flowers you’ll need for centerpieces or arrangements towards the end of the day today and store them for tomorrow. That way, you won’t be running around at the last minute if one shop happens to be out of something you were planning on using or they’re closed, etc.
  • Scan your desired menu to double check that everything has been ordered, arrived, and is ready to be either cooked or set-out as is for tomorrow.
  • Double check that you have the proper amount of tableware, cookware, dishes, platters, serving utensils, cups and napkins, that you’ll need for each item on your menu.
  • Do all the rinsing, dicing, slicing, marinating, and mixing today, then store for use tomorrow.
  • If there are items that you can plate ahead of time and may take some extra time, go ahead and do that now. Just be sure to properly cover the finished product and store over night at the proper temperatures.

If you’re one of the many people who waited until the last minute to decide to throw a Halloween party—good news—there’s still time to put together a fun party with a theme! Here are a few to consider:

  • Go with an “abandoned old house” theme by covering all your furniture (except for kitschy, antique-style pieces) with white sheets and then draping fake cobwebs made of cotton over everything. Add a few dusty (use wheat flour!) antiques to finish the look (try Goodwill/Craigslist/cheap local antique stores).
  • When in doubt, cover everything with black tarps, pick up a few black lights, and then splatter cool glow-in-the dark fluorescent paint everywhere. People will feel instantly transported and in the mood to party!
  • Create your own crime scene! Get creative, you could use caution tape, white sheets with red blood stains, draw chalk outlines, scatter murder weapons, the possibilities are endless!

The final item you should review before you turn in tonight is your costume. Try it on again to make sure that you have everything you need to complete your look. Once you’ve done all of these things, you’ll be ready for the final touches tomorrow and then you’ll be all set to enjoy your extraordinary Halloween experience!

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