Pumpkin Time!

Hey Ya’ll,

Have you ever carved a jack-o-lantern too early and ended up with a soggy, moldy, collapsed mess come Halloween? It’s the worst! For this reason, I recommend waiting until the week of your Halloween bash to carve your prize gourd or opting for a no-carve design!

Here are a few carving ideas to inspire the perfect pumpkin design for your party:

I also like these creatively carved pumpkins by Southern Living:
However, this year I’ve decided to skip all the gutting, carving and clean up! Instead, I’m going to try my hand at creating a few of these gorgeous no-carve ideas using items like thumbtacks, fishnet stockings, lace, decorative tape, ribbons or paint. Check it out:

You can find these inexpensive foam faces at http://www.orientaltrading.com

At http://www.cutetape.com, you'll find decorative tape in every color and pattern!

Tip: An un-carved pumpkin will last and last, while creating a beautiful autumn vibe around the house from now until Thanksgiving!

Finally, whether you decide to carve or not, try to purchase your pumpkins at a local farmers market. This helps reduce your carbon footprint and is a much more eco-friendly option than those supermarket pumpkins being driven and shipped into town. You can also go straight to the source, by visiting a local pumpkin patch to pluck your favorite one right off the vine!

I hope these ideas help you create the perfect pumpkin decorations for your extraordinary Halloween experience! Let me know what your gourds are going to look like this year in the comment section below.

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