My Halloween Table Tips on KCAL9 at Noon Tomorrow!

Hey Ya’ll,

I’m getting really excited for my KCAL9 appearance tomorrow. Here’s a rundown of my segment and what I did to prepare for it…

My Mission…

To design a beautiful Halloween themed table for under $100 bucks!

Where I Shopped…

  • The 99-Cent store
  • Michaels
  • Big Lots
  • Target

How I $tuck to My Budget…

For the 99-Cent store, I always shop there early because they have great stuff, but it gets picked over quickly and among the good stuff is also a lot of bad stuff that I would never EVER use! Remember, stores rush the holidays these days, so decor items get put on sale pretty early.

For Michaels, Big Lots and Target, I try to get as many inexpensive items as I can (as the actual holiday approaches, a lot of items at these stores sell for more than 40% off!) and then supplement with more expensive items that will make the table look like you spent a fortune.

For Tuesday’s table, the most expensive item I bought was only $10 and it was on sale—but believe me, it will be a great addition to the decor.

Also, I plan to use things around my house as well, like candles, tablecloths, dead branches from my yard, serving trays, dishes and platters, etc.

Tip: Everyone should invest in a black tablecloth that fits the table they use for entertaining. Make sure you always have that handy for any holiday or event and then just build upon that!

My biggest concern when decorating on a dime is to still make it look expensive. I am not a fan of using cheap junk for the sake of having more stuff! Less really is more!

For example, in order to make some of the items I found at the 99cent store work, I had to remove elements that made it look cheap so that it no longer distracted from the goal of creating an amazing space.

It’s important to start with great “bones” and then put it all together to make a complete skeleton with accessories! (See what I did there?)
If you live in the Los Angeles area, I hope you will tune in to KCAL9 at Noon tomorrow (10/25) to see how my table turns out. I think you will be very surprised at how expensive it will look for so little $$$!

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