Halloween Candy Buffet Tips & Tune In Alert!

Happy Halloween from the Candy Queen and the heiress to the Candy Empire!

Hey There Candy Friends & Fans,

Candy Queen here! My team and I (The Hollywood Candy Girls) are doing cart wheels and high kicks in our candy coated headquarters because Halloween is almost here and that means suga’ overload for everybody!!! It’s kind of insane that Halloween candy sales average about 2 billion dollars in the United States! I guess Americans really embody what it means to live the sweet life!
With Halloween just weeks away I wanted to provide you with some helpful tips on creating your very own custom candy buffet or dessert bar for your spooktacular events! Candy buffets have become such a massive hit with the party scene because they are simply so decorative, interactive & super delicious take away gifts for guests to enjoy!

Here’s how to ensure your guests will leave your events with the sweetest ending to a most perfect party…
1. Decide on your party theme or color scheme, and then run with it for all your design inspiration. Use your theme or color scheme to beautify your table! Ribbons, bows, candles and Halloween decorations are a must!

2. Depending on your guest count, you’ll need any where from 10-20+ vessels. Apothecary jars with lids, vintage candy bowls, dishes or platters all work great. (Make sure your selections are functional and guests can serve themselves with ease.)

3. Select a variety of candy favorites (i.e. Gummy, sours, chocolates & chews, hard candy, retro favorites too!). There are thousands of types of candy and I find websites like Candy.com to be super helpful when browsing.

4. How much candy should you buy? Start with 5-10lbs of each selection you choose and remember, the more guests, the more you’ll need.

5. Don’t forget the scoops, custom signs or decals describing each selection! There are lots of great party printables on Etsy.com. We love to use Poshpixelsdesignstudio.com.

6. Set your table up in an area where it won’t cause a traffic jam at your event: a foyer as guests arrive or exit, a study or formal dining room, etc.

7. Leave custom boxes or bags for your guests to fill up and watch them load up on C-A-N-D-Y & sweets! Note: Sugar turns adults into little kids again beware of grown men & women skipping out the door into their awaiting vehicles!

8. You really can’t go wrong when it comes to your candy buffet, just have fun with it, get creative and enjoy!
Happy Haunting!
XoXo-Candy Girl

P.S. Brian is being featured on KCAL9 next Tuesday! Check back Monday to hear more about his special TV appearance and all of the tune-in details!

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