Get Inspired (and Scared Stiff!) at Local Haunts

Hey ya’ll,

Do you have nerves of steel or maybe you just like being scared stiff? Either way, heading to a local haunted attraction can be a great source of inspiration (and scare tactics!) for your own Halloween event.

If you happen to live in Los Angeles, here are a few fright fests worth checking out:

Do you have kids (or a timid disposition)? Head to Disneyland’s Halloween Time where you’re sure to find inspiration in every inch of the park. If you’re not located in L.A., here’s a helpful link to track down haunted attractions in your neck of the woods:

Too scared to actually go to a haunted house in your area? Click HERE (or on the photo above) to see a hilarious slideshow of people being scared senseless at a Canadian haunted house… their terrified little faces could entertain me for hours!

Another excellent source of inspiration are Halloween books from your local library or bookstore. The best part is, after you’re done looking through them, you can use them as decorations at your party (Harry Potter or Twilight books work too!).
Tip: Create your own “spell books” by wrapping books in black paper and writing new spooky titles on them with white chalk or even make faux books using paint and wood.

So, whether you head to a haunted house, hang with your family at a Halloween theme park, or just pick of a few good books, have fun getting into the Halloween spirit! You never know where or what you’ll find inspiration from while creating your own extraordinary Halloween experience!

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