Haunt Your House: Party Decorations Phase 2

Hey ya’ll,

At this point in your party planning, it’s important to order anything you’ll need for your party that you cannot make yourself or buy locally.

So, if you’re thinking of using a fog machine to transform your backyard into a graveyard or dry ice to add flair to your witch brew, you’ll need to order and rent those specialty items now in order to ensure on-time delivery.

Next on the decorating list, set up as much as you possibly can ahead of time. For example, things like your formal dining room, mantle, front door and entryway, can all be decorated before the day of your party. This way, you only have to focus on the major party decorating details the day before or the day of the party.

Right now, you can find many stylish examples of Halloween mantles online. Here are a few of my favorites:
As far as your front windows and front door, here are a few more fun ideas to inspire you:

Next, try coming up with party favors that can double as decorations. This is a genius move because it creates more decorations, costs less money, makes for happy guests and means less clean up for you!

Here are a few ideas:

Halloween Hand Soaps (D.I.Y. instructions HERE or HERE)

Mini Pumpkins (plain, painted, glittery or with flowers!)

I’m a big fan of buying pumpkins and gourds and rather than carving them, just using them as they are… they last forever if they’re not carved and then you can reuse them for your Thanksgiving decor! You can also buy nice candles in bulk and then add custom labels to match your party’s theme.

You could also create personalized tombstones for your guests to take home at the end of the night. A large sheet of plywood can be used to make a bunch of different sized grave markers and 2 x 4’s can be used to make crosses. Then, pick up some paint supplies and go to down on them (get creative and include all of your guests names). These will fill your entire yard and create the perfect spooky, graveyard atmosphere.

Let me know where you’re at in terms of decorating for your extraordinary Halloween experience!

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