Halloween Party Activities: Phase 1

Hey Ya’ll,

Sometimes, the difference between an ordinary party and an extraordinary experience comes down to one major oversight: activities!

When hosting a party, part of your job is entertaining your guests. The easiest way to accomplish this is by planning simple party activities that encourage your guests to interact. Here are a few fun activities that allow your guests to entertain themselves:

o    Bobbing for apples in a bucket of cider
o    Bobbing for powdered doughnuts hung from tree branches
o    LIVE photo booth
o    Carmel/candied apple-making station
o    Halloween cookie/cupcake decorating
o    DJ and dancing
o    Wii dance/sports games
o    Mystery food station
o    Carving pumpkins
o    Mummifying contest
o    Halloween scavenger hunt
o    Scary movie screening/projection
o    Host an early party with appetizers & drinks, and then move the party to a local festival/parade.
o    Meet at a local haunted house/haunted maze and plan your party to follow. 

What’s on your party activities list? Let me know if you have more ideas to add to my list.

Together, I’m confident that we can help each other create extraordinary experiences through fun Halloween party activities!

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