Guest List: Phase 2 and Invitations

Hey Ya’ll,

For the second phase of creating your guest list, I suggest keeping a few key factors in mind…

The first of which, are the holiday’s date and the date of your party. As any holiday approaches, the number of parties that people are invited to dramatically increases and they may end up having as many as three or four parties to attend in one evening.

To avoid the battle of the guest list, throw your party earlier rather than closer to the actual holiday. If you are going to throw the party closer to the holiday, just know that your guests may stop by, have a drink, say their hellos, and then head out to the next event—try not to take it personally!

Next, always keep your budget in mind. The more people you invite, the more you will end up spending on the party (i.e. food & beverages, napkins, plates, etc.). So, if you have a tight party budget, make your affair intimate and if you want to go all out…. invite everyone you know!

Finally, I have always found that it is easiest to invite people that have something in common (usually the host), but it is also a fun opportunity to introduce people that don’t know each other yet… think of it as speed dating or friendship match making!

Now that you have narrowed down your guest list, let’s talk invitations. My recommendation is to create a unique evite that reflects your party’s theme. (Note: I am not a fan of using Facebook event invites because not everyone spends all day on Facebook, and people use Facebook for so many different reasons—managing invitations aren’t usually a priority.)

I suggest using a website like, which offers a modern and more exciting way to invite guests to an event. Think: luxury online invitations!  Also, sending evites is a 100% Eco-friendly option. Here’s a quick example of an invite created using cocodot:

However, as much as I love to try to produce all my events with the environment in mind, receiving an invitation via snail mail is just so much fun!  Here are two creative ideas via


Do you know who you’re inviting to your party and how you’re inviting them? Let me know in the comment section below.

Whatever you decide to send out, remember that your invitation is your first chance to make a great impression and the first opportunity for your guests to get excited about the extraordinary experience your working so hard to create!

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