How to Pick Your Party’s Type and Theme 

Hey Ya’ll,

Do you know what type of Halloween party you want to throw this year? Have you settled on your party’s theme? Today, I’m sharing a few party ideas that I hope will inspire you to go beyond bulk candy corn and predictable orange and black décor (it’s all about purple this year!), and I hope you’ll share your ideas with me as well.

To get your creative juices flowing, I put together a list of different types of parties you could create:

Haunted Garage Party – Turn your garage into the ultimate haunted space! This type of party is perfect for adults and kids of all ages—plus, since the party is in one room, it’s less decorating and less clean up for you!

Neighborhood Street Party/Block Party – This type of party is great if you live in a friendly neighborhood (or apartment complex) and you want to get the entire block involved. It’s family friendly, and the best part is, you don’t have to clean up your house afterwards!

Frightful Feast Dinner Party – This is great for kids or adults! Create a Halloween themed menu of foods that look disgusting but taste delicious (i.e. eyeballs, worms, severed fingers, etc.) and you’ve got yourself an instant party, evolving with each mysterious course!

Mystery Murder Party
– There are websites that offer everything you need to host this type of party (click HERE for an example). You could even take the liberty of creating your own characters based on whatever storyline you go with, and then assign each guest a character/costume before the party. This type of party should include plenty of appetizers, drinks and desserts!

Elegant Masquerade or Costume Ball – This type of party is best for adults and can be really fun when paired with the right décor and costume choices. You could even send out a blank mask as your invitation, and then ask your guests to decorate the mask and pair it with a costume for the party!

Spooky Outdoors Party – Go with this type of party if you have a great backyard and it’s relatively warm where you live. You could even create a spooky entrance to your yard along the side of your home using black tarps and lights!

Create-a-Costume Party
– For this type of party, you’ll need to ask your guests to arrive at your party with a few props, accessories or an old costume they no longer want. You’ll also need to pick up various costume pieces, props, makeup, and sponges (i.e. wigs, gloves, masks, hats, capes, etc.), and put them into a bin near the entrance of your party, where your guests will add their contributions as they arrive. Once everyone is there, your guests can begin creating silly costumes on the spot to wear the rest of the night!

In terms of selecting a theme for your bash, the possibilities are endless! Here are a few ideas to consider:

  • Famous Couples/Pairs/Celebrities
  • Gender Swap
  • Monster Mash
  • Era Party: 40’s/50’s/60’s/70’s/80’s/90’s/Futuristic
  • Disney/Kid-Friendly Animated TV/Films
  • Marie Antoinette/Victorian
  • Horror Film/Scary TV Series
  • Blood and Gore
  • Night of the Living Dead/Zombies
  • Twilight/True Blood/Vampires

Tip: Think about the kind of costume you’d like to wear and how that relates to what you’d like your guests to show up in…

For example, you may decide that costumes are optional or unnecessary for the type of party you’d like to throw—in which case, you can go with a beautiful autumn theme and skip the spooky Halloween stuff entirely. However, if you have a specific costume in mind, for example, a realistic looking zombie get-up or the ever-popular vampire look. That choice quickly establishes a spooky “Night of the Living Dead” or “True Blood” theme, and you can ask that your guests come dressed as different kinds of zombies or modern day vampires.

Once you’ve established your party’s type and theme, you have everything you’ll need to begin “Phase 2” of the guest list process (check back Monday morning!)—which includes creating invites to let everyone know what an extraordinary Halloween experience they’re in for this year!

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