Hey Ya’ll,

I’m so excited to launch my new blog! I’ll be posting about my life as an event producer and sharing my best tips and advice about everything that goes into planning the perfect event.

I’ll be talking about the ideas, trends, and icons that inspire me, and I want to hear what inspires you! Expect lots of my personal tips for organizing and throwing a party or event, planning a wedding, doing-it-yourself projects, putting together a delicious menu, and developing a unique personal style—all with an eco-friendly mentality and green ideas in mind.

In short, welcome. Feel free to tell me about yourself and your interests in the comments section below.

I hope this blog will soon become your favorite place to hang out online and a go-to source of inspiration for your next event, be it a wedding, dinner party, or a child’s first birthday—a place where we can all get inspired and help each other create extraordinary experiences.

P.S. Check back Monday morning for a spooky announcement!

3 thoughts on “Welcome!

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