Are you Nostalgic? Romantic? Optimistic? Choose a wedding color that encapsulates your essence.

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Hi Ya’ll,

To finish off our color series, I’ve included a few more below to spark your imagination and help you discover what elements you want to highlight on your special day!

Blue. Conservative, Reserved.

~It is a safe and non-threatening color, loved by most people throughout the world. It will create a relaxing and peaceful mood for your wedding in which everyone will feel contented and happy.

Lavender. Soft, Feminine.

~Purple is a color that represents imagination and high inspiration. Couples who choose purple are looking to create a wedding that promotes their unique personalities, possibly even creating an air of mystery.

Light Pink. Fun, Sweet, Playfulness.

~Pink are that represents unconditional love and understanding. Couple who choose light pink are thoughtful, and are wanting to create a wedding atmosphere that’s warm and inviting.

Yellow.  Friendship, Optimism, Happiness.

~Yellow is a great choice when it comes to creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Couples who choose to use yellow as their main wedding color are creative, and tend to like things to be simple and practical.

Red. Passionate, Dramatic, Romantic.

~Red is a color that promotes energy and excitement, creating a warm and confident wedding atmosphere. Couples who choose red like attention, and have a desire to experience life to the fullest.

Navy. Traditional, Bold, Luxury.

~Blue is a color that tends to be more conservative, maybe even reserved. Couples who choose blue are wanting to create a peaceful and relaxing wedding atmosphere.

Green. Sensibility, Modern.

~Green is a color that represents balance and renewal, and easily promotes a calming atmosphere. Couples who choose green are very compassionate and nurturing, and enjoy creating an atmosphere of unity and togetherness.

Black.  Sophisticated, Mysterious, Nostalgic.

~Black tends to be a very versatile wedding color. For the most part, black represents power and prestige. Couples who choose black tend to be more on the conservative side, as well as elegant and dignified.


– Brian

What Your Color Scheme Says About You: White, Ivory & Gold


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Hi Ya’ll,

This week we’ll take a closer look at the meanings attached to the colors chosen for a wedding. These meanings can help you when it comes to your choosing the best colors that will support your particular wedding theme.

White. Traditional, Pure, Perfection.

~White offers a blank canvas that allows the couple to use their imagination. Couples who choose white as their main wedding color are wanting a wedding that signifies purity and innocence.

Ivory.  Traditional, Style, Refined.

~Ivory is a soft, warm color that promotes elegance and sophistication, and is said to be calming. Couples who choose ivory our somewhat traditional, and can appreciate this classic color style.

Gold. Luxury, Elegance, Upscale.

~Gold is a color that represents success and victory. Couples who choose gold are looking to create a wedding that is elegant and high-end.

More to come soon!

– Brian

Wedding Color Themes are a Personal Choice


Hey Y’all,

Today we’re going to take a closer look at how you can go about choosing the best colors for your wedding theme, and what the colors mean. Of course, the colors chosen for a wedding should represent the happy couple’s personality. But there’s also a number of meanings attached to colors chosen for a wedding, making it a good idea for you to look a little further into these meanings, especially if you’re someone who tends to be very sentimental.

Because there are a lot of colors to choose from, choosing the right colors for your wedding can get a little tricky. My best advice for you is to simply choose a color that you love, and then choose at least five different pallets of two different supporting and accent colors to go with that color. This way you can get a good feel for how all of the colors are going to look when together.

Ideally, it’s best if you choose a maximum of three colors in order to get the most dramatic effects. When the three colors are grouped together, the main color should comprise about three fourths of the arrangement, with the supporting color and the accent color blended in nicely into the background.

Look out for my posts on the meanings attached to the colors chosen for a wedding this week!

– Brian

Three Advantages to Choosing a Beach Wedding

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Happy Friday Y’all!

The weekend is at our fingertips, and a lot of us might be dreaming about the beach!

Who doesn’t love a beach wedding? There are many options when it comes finding the perfect location for a wedding, and the beach is definitely one of the most popular. Because the natural setting of a beach is one that’s very alluring – the sound of waves gently coming onto shore, the feel of a gentle sea breeze, seeing a beautiful sunrise or sunset – many soon to be married couples see a beach wedding as one that’s very romantic.

Besides being romantic, there are other advantages to choosing a beach wedding. The first involves saving a lot of time decorating, as Mother Nature has already created the perfect wedding background. Although, it’s easy to add in a few additional elements of decoration throughout the venue, like flowers and tiny white lights that can really add to the overall ambiance.

A second advantage? A beach wedding tends to cost less due to the more casual outside environment. Any money being saved by having a wedding on the beach can now be used for other expenses, like the honeymoon or even a down payment on a house.

A third advantage is the ability for a couple to get married in a truly unique setting. It’s no longer necessary to follow traditional wedding rules, which often includes getting married in a church or a local public venue. Soon to be married couples are now encouraged to choose their own special wedding venues, with a romantic beach wedding being a great choice.

Have a wonderful weekend!

– Brian

Designing Your Wedding Day Tip #5…Have Fun! Monday Y’all,

My final Designing Your Wedding Day tip from the interview I did with Bridal Bar Radio is HAVE FUN!

Every couple needs to understand that there’s always a possibility that the day won’t go as perfectly as planned, and that’s okay! Just enjoy the process and you’re sure to have the best wedding day ever, which is what’s really important, right?

How did you choose your wedding design? What motivated you?

– Brian